Organist Joey DeFrancesco has announced that he will be releasing a new album, More Music, on 24th September 2021. The album will be released through Mack Avenue Records and will contain 10 DeFrancesco originals. These originals are brought to life with a scintillating brand-new trio. Being a master organist, Joey has always supplemented his skilled trumpet playing along with keyboard virtuoso. This is something, which his supporters will surely come across in this upcoming album. He also steps up towards the microphone to croon And If You Please by Mario Romano.

Working With Lucas Brown and Michael Ode

For this brand-new album, Joey DeFrancesco is not working alone. Fellow torchbearer of the Philadelphia Organ Jazz Tradition, Lucas Brown also takes up organ duties with the most influential practitioner of his generation. Brown plays his role beautifully, which in return, allows DeFrancesco to focus on his other talents.

Lucas Brown also demonstrates his three-strings wizardry on some of the classic organ-guitar trio songs. On the other hand, Michael Ode plays his role as the drummer and helps in anchoring the trio’s numerous configurations paired up with electrifying grooves and muscular swings.

Getting To Know Joey DeFrancesco

Joey was excited about his upcoming album release and declared that he is all set for some good music. Since the situation has been pretty tricky due to the pandemic, he believes that it’s the right time to get back to music. This period of re-emergence from people’s collective quarantine turned out to be his album release. But this is not the first time where DeFrancesco envisioned his multi-instrumentalism.

For the majority of this career, the trumpet has always been the main feature of his repertoire. It was inspired by his tenure with Miles Davis when he was still a teenager. He made up his mind to try out the tenor 25 years ago, and his grandfather, Joseph DeFrancesco, also played the clarinet and the tenor. His grandad’s horn is still at Joey’s family home in Philly.

Joey expressed that he decided to take out the tenor and play it to see if he can play it by himself. He practiced for two weeks and became a pro. This gave him the confidence to head down Ortlieb’s for a jam session.

Ending Note

Joey DeFrancesco is currently keeping himself busy with this upcoming album. Apart from that, he announced his tour dates as well. DeFrancesco will begin his tour from 29th July 2021 at Rockport Jazz Festival in Rockport, MA, and his last performance will be on 10th December – 11th December 2021 at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, NY.


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