After the announcement of Cardi B’s collaboration with Normani on their new single “Wild Side”, fans were really excited to see what the two queens have in store for them. The single dropped on July 16 and since then, it has driven all the fans crazy.

The announcement regarding the single was made through an Instagram post that both artists shared on their accounts. The post features an eye-catching cover that features both artists nude on a giant pearly shell, and their long hair wrapped around their bodies. This post instantly gave out mermaid vibes and the fans loved it!


Cardi BAfter the fans were left with this jaw-dropping cover and amazing song, they started speculating new music coming out from both the artists and even a long-awaited solo album. Luckily, Normani is dropping a solo album this year, and we can’t wait!

Earlier this week, one of the former members of “Fifth Harmony” had archived all her posts on Instagram, except for one short video of her having a golden hour moment in a bikini. The post came with the caption “know it’s been a while”. Many people thought that the song playing in the video was a snippet of her upcoming song with Cardi, “Wild Side”.

Since the announcement of these Queens single, both Cardi B and Normani have been trending worldwide on Twitter. In response to a fan account, Cardi tweeted:

“The World is ready for Normani supremacy!!!”

Normani excitedly responded to Cardi B’s tweet with all her energy saying:

“Okay, sooooo I just watched the video again. Sis, what the fuck.”

This isn’t the first collaboration between Normani and Cardi. Their first collaboration happened last year in the song “Diamonds” which was the lead single soundtrack for the movie “Birds of Prey”. Most of Normani’s songs feature collabs with artists such as Khalid in the song “Love Lies” and also Sam Smith in “Dancing with a Stranger”. Normani has released only one solo, “Motivation,” which was released in 2019.



After the release of the song and the music video, fans cannot stop talking about the bomb Cardi and Normani threw at them, and they‘re loving every second of the music video. Cardi B never fails to disappoint her fans with her bold, sexy, confident videos, and surely, she has more to showcase. Hopefully, they will feature more artists like Normani and Meghan Thee Stallion.

If you’re in the mood for a wild weekend, then you got to turn up “Wild Side” by these two badass artists and start of the week right. If you haven’t watched the music video, it’s time you do- it will definitely blow you away!


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