Pianist, singer, and Multi GRAMMY winner, Eliane Elias is all set to release a new album, Mirror Mirror. It will be released on Candid Records on 10th September 2021. This stands out as a lifelong dream of Eliane, which finally came true and she will be collaborating with well-known Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes and the late-jazz pianist Chick Corea. All the successful records of Elias have featured her beautiful yet powerful voice along with her piano mastery.

But Eliane’s first love has always been the piano rather than singing, and getting the chance to collaborate with the two most exceptionally talented and legendary pianists is a sporadic opportunity. She also got the chance to record her music through a two-piano setting, which she had never done in her entire career.

What Does the Mirror Mirror Album Have In-Store?

For Elias, this formed assemblage is a lot more than a conclusion of a memorable occupation. The album contains 7 recordings. Eliane has sold around 2.3 million albums in her entire career and has nine Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY nominations. She also won a Latin GRAMMY for the best Latin JAZZ Album in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But Mirror Mirror stands out as her first piano-only album since Solos and Duets contain six piano duets and solos with Herbie Hancock.

The recording for this particular album took place in Yamaha’s Artist Services in Manhattan, NYC, with Chick Corea. Another recording took place at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, with Chucho Valdes. 4 of them feature Chick Corea and three of them as Valdes in it. The production work was done by Eliane and her team of co-producers Steve Rodby and Marc Johnson. All the tracks were mastered and mixed by Rich Breen.

Few Words On Eliane Elias

Eliane was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At 7, she started to receive classical piano studies, and by the age of 12, she began recording solos with fabled jazz masters. When she turned 15, Eliane began jamming and practiced piano at one of Brazil’s most significant music institutes. Her career as a pianist started after 2 years with poet Vinicius de Moraes and Brazilian songwriter and singer Toquinho.

She respects Chick Corea, whom she met in Brazil way back in 1978. Colluding with Corea was a dream come true for her, and Elias was deeply saddened after learning he passed away.

Wrapping Up

Eliane Elias’s new album contains some of the best piano recordings. The singer claimed that the album is all about two pianos facing each other as if mirroring each other and its ideas and thoughts back and forth.


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