Yes, it’s official! GRAMMY-winning singer Kurt Elling has released his brand-new track Manic Panic Epiphanic. This is the 2nd song from the new album SuperBlue, released on 8th October 2021 through Edition Records. The 2020 GRAMMY winner’s SuperBlue stands out as a head-turning torrent, which contains indelible beats, all-too-current lyrics, and funk. The album also boasts the talent of guitarist and producer Charlie Hunter and stars from the hip-hop generation keyboardist-bassist DJ Harrison and drummer Corey Fonville. Both Fonville and Harrison belong to the hip-hop band Butcher Brown.

What Is Elling Been Up To?

After he released Manic Panic Epiphanic, he also announced the tour dates where he will perform with many musicians, who will be both guests and headliners. The entire SuperBlue tour will take place during October. Along with that, additional tour dates will be announced next week.

The SuperBlue Album: What Does It Have In-Store?

Kurt is well-known as the Master of Grooves ranging from neo-soul to progressive jazz to pure pop and bebop. He has released so many albums, but none of them contained grooves quite like these. The tracks found in SuperBlue are pretty bountiful and generous. The entire mix is vibrant, which helped create some springboards for some of the vivid songs in Kurt’s career. The brand-new rhythmic playground demonstrates Kurt Elling’s vocal powers, and the arrangement has helped extend Elling’s remarkable range. It also expanded his part as a gifted storyteller.

The SuperBlue Band Tour

Kurt Elling’s SuperBlue Band Tour will be unique and exciting as, for the first time, his fans will get the chance to hear unique and extraordinary music from him. After he officially announced the release of his album, he provided information on the tour dates as well. The tour will begin from 20th July 2021 at 92Y in New York City, New York. He will be performing with Bill Charlap. The last performance, which will mark the end of the SuperBlue tour, will be on 30th October 2021. He will be performing with Germantown Perf. Arts Center in Germantown, Tennessee, with Charlie Hunter.

Summing Up

The upcoming SuperBlue Tour will soon begin, and Kurt Elling is pretty excited to perform live in front of his fans. Even though the world is recovering from the pandemic, he believes that his upcoming album, the new song he released, will surely help him lighten up the mood of everyone. He is loved for the beautiful and unique music he creates, and his soothing voice has helped him create some of the best songs ever.


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