Whether you believe it or not, the “RUMORS” of a Lizzo song is coming out soon. The Juice hitmaker is releasing her first-ever single in 2 years, and fans are going crazy over it. The GRAMMY winner is all set to release her brand-new single on 13th August 2021. On 1st August 2021, she uploaded a mysterious post on her IG where she quoted: “Don’t even think of liking the post, because you will surely like it tomorrow.”

The following day [2nd August], Lizzo uploads a brand-new promo image of herself, wearing gold-colored Shiaparelli couture earrings and shushing at the camera with her finger. The photo carried a quote that said: NEW ERA BITCH: RUMORS- 8/13. The caption had the name of her upcoming single along with the release date.

Announcement On Lizzo’s Forthcoming Album

Apart from the new single, Lizzo is also preparing her soon-to-made-public album, which she released to a fan in TikTok. Lizzo jokingly commented about the album on TikTok by saying that she will not release any album and turned the camera towards songwriter Phil Lawrence and producer Mark Ronson. Along with that, she also revealed the recording studio in the background.

She jokingly declared that she is not inside any studio and pointed out Mark and said he is “not” Mark Ronson. This was enough for her supporters to realize that Lizzo is working on her brand-new album, two of the best people within the music industry. Many individuals have also speculated that the song RUMORS is also a part of Lizzo’s upcoming album.

Getting To Know Lizzo

The singer has been treating all music lovers with her memorable songs since 2013. Her debut album, Lizzobangers, was a significant success, which enabled her to release another album known as Big Grrrl Small World back in 2015. But in 2019, she received a mainstream breakthrough with her 3rd album, Cuz I Love You, which reached No.4 at the Billboards 200.

On the other hand, her singles, Truth Hurts and Good As Hell, became sleeper hits. Truth Hurts was featured in Netflix’s Someone Great, and the song also helped her achieve a lot of fame. Truth Hurts was in the No.1 position at the Hot 100 making it her first song to reach the first place.


Lizzo is one of the best singers in the music industry today. She is known for her creativity, and her music videos are beautiful, colorful, and unique. Many artists have praised her for her music, and she will surely deliver well with her upcoming album and single.


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