Collaboration is something that many artists dream of doing with music legends within the industry. Singer MAX also has the same dream and is doing his best to make it come true. In a live interview with AUDACITY’s Bru, MAX shared an exciting story about his correspondence with the legendary singer and songwriter Dolly Parton. MAX claimed that Dolly Parton has always been his No.1 and considers her as his queen.

Small Interaction Between Parton And MAX

MAX expressed that Dolly Parton herself wrote a letter to him after the release of his song Butterflies. After watching Parton’s documentary, he sent the Butterflies to her and quoted: Life is pretty short, so shoot your round. After that, MAX received a letter from Dolly Parton and has framed it in his house. For now, he is currently just manifesting a collab at some point.

On the other hand, MAX expressed that he wrote to Parton through a Notes application, and Dolly sent him a physical letter. MAX believes that the next step would be to send her back a physical letter as well. He declares himself to be one of the biggest supporters of Dolly Parton and also made a shrine dedicated to her at his home.

Other Artists MAX Wishes To Collaborate With

Apart from Dolly Parton, there is another artist with whom he dreams of collaborating as well. It’s none other than the universally popular Dan + Shay. MAX says that he knew Shay for a long time and loves his powerful voice.

He also wishes to create some good music with Dan + Shay in the coming future. On the other hand, he also wants to collaborate with Gabby Barrett. He complimented Gabby by saying that she is currently ruling the country music realm with her beautiful voice.

He is undoubtedly looking forward to doing some collaboration with Gabby as well. The last artist with whom MAX wants to collaborate is Kacey Musgraves. He not only admires Kacey, but it will also enable him to score some major points with his wife because she is his wife’s favorite artist and enjoys her music.

Like all the other artists, MAX also has a dream to collaborate with people he admires and loves. His fans are certainly looking forward to a beautiful yet unique collaboration with any of the artists he mentioned during his live interview.


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