Kanye’s Donda album listening party in Atlanta was quite a spiritual one, hosted in front of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on the 22nd of July, thousands of audience members were in attendance. After releasing his gospel album in 2019, Kanye’s untold story of the Black Mecca and his identity became clear, even though the brand has more to do with Chicago, where he grew up.

His tenth album’s listening party was a tribute to his late mother’s legacy, Donda West. Atlanta is where some of the most transformative things happened for her. This is the city where she earned her master’s degree from Atlanta University, and here she also launched her teaching career at the Morris Brown College.

She was very committed to decreasing the dropout rates of the Black youth and increase literacy for them. In honor of this, Kanye reserved thousands of tickets for the HBCU students, so that they could attend the event for free. YE’s return to Atlanta itself is such an international homecoming, paying a tribute to his mother in the same city she flourished and grew.

The seating capacity at the Mercedes-Benz stadium was around 71,000, and the venue was sold out in less than a week for “Donda”. Fans of different backgrounds and age groups attended the event, but they all shared a love for hip-hop. Kanye played his mother’s soothing voice during the party via audio captured just before her death in 2008. Her voice was played numerous times between tracks to keep her legacy alive in the album.

If you’re a Kanye fan, you should know of his unique and extravagant artistic vision. But, this time Kanye left the stage bare and white, which was a means of expression itself. His face was covered throughout the show, and it was a part of his artistic vision for the night. Those 48 minutes at the event were truly treasured by every Yeezy fan as they embraced every track.

Kanye was totally lost in the melodic tune, roaming around the stage as he played through the album. He wanted to showcase how therapeutic the album is for him, and because it’s for his mother Donda. Multiple times during the event, Kanye went down on both his knees and caressed the ground with his forehead. This was a sign that he was connecting with something even more powerful than music.

The names of the songs in his album are not released as yet, but for a fan to truly understand the album, one must feel and understand the absence of Donda in Kanye’s life. If you’re a true Kanye listener, then you surely may have come across many verses about Donda mentioned in his previous tracks.

Many artists featured in this new album, and Lil Baby was one of them who blessed the audience with his presence, as well as Jay-Z. Kanye spoke through his music during the entire event, and not once used his own voice. But this still left the fans filled with happiness and joy, every second of those 50 minutes. Fans surely can’t wait till the entire album is released.