Recently, a very Lucky New York City Guard got all the love and attention from Nicki Minaj and her Barbs for a generous act he pulled off. The security guard was on duty for the shopping store Zara, and though his job was to stop the performance of Barb Zha Channel, who was performing Nicki Minaj’s verse on “Whole Lotta Money (Remix)”, he allowed her to do so. After Nicki saw this happen in a video, she was impressed and wanted to get in touch with the Security Guard.

Nicki went out of her way to reach out to Michael, the security guard, by posting it on Instagram. She uploaded a story, saying:

“Someone tell the security guard in that video I posted that I’m looking for him. I want to send him a gift for being such a sweetheart to one of my babies”

With Nicki having over 140M followers on Instagram, she was able to work her magic and tracked down the security guard. She got a hold of the guard’s Instagram which was @Bam_Bigelow, but knowing that there were numerous fake accounts on Instagram, she wanted real proof that it was really him and not another spam. So for solid proof, Michael the security guard sent Nicki a video to make sure it was him. After receiving the video, you can imagine how much appreciation he received from Nicki on his Instagram. All this attention boosted his follower count to 9,000.

The security guard would’ve never thought that one morning he would wake up to Nicki Minaj recognizing him and on top of that gain almost 9000 followers. Well, in appreciation of all of that, the security guard also posted a thank you message on his Instagram story, which got all of Brb’z fans sentimental. Michael posted:

“I also want to thank Nicki Minaj again for the love and support. You are an angel from God with a blessing heart, a queen, an icon, and a legend,”

This message surely got you to tear up a bit because it was quite heartfelt and so real!

After this amazing incident that took place, TMZ engaged with it, through which they caught up with Zha Chanel and Michael on Monday, the 19th of July. They interviewed them to understand what really happens for a security guard to catch the attention of the queen of rap. Michael credited Zha and his manager for helping him connect with Nicki and showcased how happy he was to be a part of such a thrilling positive moment.

Michael also left a little teaser on Nicki Minaj hooking him up with something that could happen in the future, but he didn’t get into the details and remained tight-lipped. He said:

“My phone is still buzzing.” “I’m supposed to get something, but I didn’t get it yet, though. Stay tuned. Whatever she gives me, I’m blessed.”

You never know what it could be, until then we just got to wait and watch- let the queen of rap surprise us further!