It’s impossible to track down the ever-elusive “bop.” Playlists and recommendations from music streaming providers can only go so far.

Enter Bop Shop, a hand-picked playlist promoting MTV News’ favorite tunes. This weekly selection isn’t genre-specific and can include anything. It is a curation of what the editorial likes at the moment.

Halsey: “You Asked for This”

While “Bells in Santa Fe” may be the best song on their outstanding new album, but it’s the surging “You Asked for This” that I keep coming back to since it seems to strike every pleasure center in my brain. Behold this unique r&b music style for what it is.

Tokischa, Rosalía: “Linda”

Tokischa, a Dominican rapper, and Rosalia, a Spanish pop diva, collaborate on this cheeky cross-continental collaboration. They’re just two girls who only want to party and have fun—all with an explosive dembow rhythm and pointed flamenco claps that ask you to join them in spirit.

Macy Rodman: “Joshua”

Don’t be fooled by the chorus of this song from her third album, Unbelievable Animals. Macy Rodman’s obsession is one-sided, giving an otherwise upbeat dance track a dizzying air of desperation through visceral snarls and swirling synths.

Chloe Lilac: “10 Things”

The pop singer amps up the angst on her new track with a gritty friend-breakup bop with a nod to the famous ’90s film. The song is a punk twist on her earlier pop hits, yet it maintains her depth of vulnerability. With a pulsating guitar riff and a generous supply of sharp zingers, it ends far too quickly.

Pinegrove: “Orange”

The new song “Orange” is described by Pinegrove as “a waltz about the climate issue,” as she grieves the orange skies after a forest fire. It reflects political inaction that expresses the frustration and despair many of us feel about our elected officials’ climate policies.

Selena Gomez, Camilo: “999”

The song is her most recent Spanish-language collaboration with Camilo. Their vocals blend well together, whether on the hook or in the alternating verses when they complement one another. Selena continues to show that she can only improve as an artist.

ABBA: “Don’t Shut Me Down”

The Swedish quintet hasn’t published new music in nearly 40 years, but that changed this week when they revealed that their new album, Voyage, will be released in November. “Don’t Shut Me Down” is a disco ABBA classic.

Lady Gaga: “Free Woman (Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity Remix)”

Rina Sawayama of “XS” and electro-pop singer-songwriter Clarence Clarity give the “Chromatica” track an edgier, glitch pop-inspired makeover, infusing grit and urgency into an otherwise straightforward self-empowerment anthem. Lady Gaga must be ecstatic.


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