Giana Caliolo will surely not be anywhere near their people. This is pretty true as the songwriter and musician who records under the name Calicoco recently said a few words about their brand-new album. The bloodletting, bold and loud album was released on September 3rd, 2021, and it was made with the help of eight instrumentalists. The unique thing is that some of the instrumentalists also played the role of recording engineers.

Even though Calicoco might not reside within the same city and their reliable collaborators anymore, each of them is pretty much interested in picking up from where they left off. This is pretty much true when it comes to stimulating Caliolo’s ardently penetrating song-writing. During an interview with MTV News, Caliolo said that they can always do it again and create melody music, and it’s pretty easy to do so.

Giana also said that the community she is currently a part of has been nothing but supportive and strong. During the Zoom Call with MTV News, all the engineers, supporters, producers, and former bandmates from Caliolo’s home base of Rochester, New York received shouted out by name. It’s all because Giana failed to identify one individual, and MTV News received an email shortly regarding it.

This is an era where all the pop songs have some of the most credited writers and the presence of technology-enabled extraordinary alliances to take place. But when it comes to Caliolo’s music, it’s more about the joy to be around a trusted crew, which makes the entire thing a lot more unique. The music has been well received from the time it hit music streaming providers. Caliolo’s new album Underneath contains nine furiously vague tracks recorded at the recording studio in the University of Rochester.

The album showcases the artist’s development from plain interior song-writing to a much toothier territory as they inspect their own intellectual torment. It begins with the track, “ I Hate Living With Me right before it makes its way towards the hazy songs known as Heal Me, Haunting, and Melancholy. Caliolo said that they are pretty good at reaching out even though she is struggling. Caliolo also noted that at one point, there was no sign of struggle, and at that point, she was able to write good music.

Last Words

Calicoco or Giana Caliolo has worked hard to create the brand-new album Underneath. It contains the dedication, contribution, and hard work of her fellow supporters and trusted collaborators who provided Giana the support she needed to create this extraordinary album. Make sure to check out Calicoco’s, as it’s available on all social media platforms.


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