Producer, guitarist, and soul singer Naia Izumi releases his unveiling album, A Residency in Los Angeles Area, which is available on Sony Music Masterworks. Along with his debut, he also released a video for the track Good at Being Lonely. This particular song toils as the centerpiece of his album, and within this track, Izumi’s opulent guitar creates wonderful and soothing music.

Naia claimed that through this song, people would know that he is good at being lonely, and he will be able to guess back at his life. Along with that, Izumi also said that he is an individual who always thinks about himself and doesn’t take people’s opinions. He wants to acquire something by inspecting it from various standpoints and discover the truth somewhere in the middle.

Getting To Know Naia Izumi

Naia Izumi was diagnosed with autism when he was 16-years-old. He boldly claimed that he makes music, which he cannot hear. At a young age, Izumi became riveted with guitars, and the sound that Naia produces through the guitar is the result of his dedicated and life-long training. He used to play for hours until he fully mastered it.

That was Izumi’s primary purpose as he tried to get better and better each day to make something, which he could hear inside his own head. He calls himself a regular individual trying his best to do what he can and is learning to control what he can through his words, music, and vibe.

So, if it helps in connecting him with his fans, it will surely make him happy. Naia dropped out from school at a young age to join the Job Corps and spent five years as an electrician. He then decided to fulfill his dream without any hesitation. He started performing and received many gigs. Izumi also had to carry his equipment for many miles so that he could perform.

Things To Know About His Debut Album

He collaborated with Tony Berg, a well-known producer at the South City Studios, for his debut and brand-new album. He performed with guitars, vocals, cittern, Japanese Koto, bass, mandolin, drums, and many more during the recording at the studios. The album contains the searing solo, Natural Disaster, the simmering funk beat song called Honesty, and the smoky wah of Six-Inch Stilettos.

Summing Up

Naia Izumi has worked hard to release his first-ever album, which contains some of this unique work. It’s a beautiful album that showcases Izumi’s creativity at all levels. Don’t forget to check it out.


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