Singer Normani opens up about her mother’s breast cancer, which helped in motivating her to release “Wild Side”. In the recent interview with Los Angeles’s Power 106, Normani got a bit personal and talked about the things, which her song Wild Side contains. She also said that she felt pretty lucky when she got to know Cardi B and spoke about embracing her sexuality.

Normani On Her Mother’s Cancer

Normani stated that exploring new music also saved her while her mother was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. She told the host, Bryhana, that she is constantly Facetiming with her mother, who is going through radiation and chemo. Apart from that, Normani also wanted to keep her mom updated about her latest music and how well it was going.

Music undoubtedly helped her overcome all the difficulties and also helped her family through the darkest times of their lives. She declared that this was the 2nd time that her mother had to go through cancer.

The first one took place when she was just 4 years old. But cancer to show up once again and also during the most heightened and pivotal moment of her career made her feel that she needs to “stay at home” or “go back home immediately.” Normani expresses that she feels guilty about not being there with her during such difficult times. But her mother kept pushing her forward and told her to focus on making her music more.

Few Words On Wild Side And Cardi B

While she was going through such a challenging situation, she received a lot of strength and confidence, which helped her in creating her new song. Apart from that, Normani heavily praised Cardi B, who featured on a sensual music video while pregnant with her 2nd child.

She wanted the world to experience her [Cardi B] the way she has and feels lucky to be able to come across such an incredible, kind-hearted, and genuine individual like her. What made her love Cardi B more is that she filmed the music video while being pregnant. Normani’s respect for her grew a lot more than before.

Wrapping Up

Normani told all her fans to wait patiently for her album and also requested to put their complete trust in her. At one point, she declared that she was overthinking, but she is doing her best to create music that will be unique. But to reach that level, she needed a lot of time.


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