After Gregory Goodloe released his single-track Cool Like That, the guitarist tried to stay as calm as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of the concerns and uncertainty of his mother’s health. As people shift towards the other side of the pandemic, Goodloe ventured out earlier this year with his single Step’N Out.

He wrote the track with Adam Hawley, who is a Billboard chart-topping guitarist. When Goodloe and Hawley combined their energy, many of their fans have expressed that it felt perfect. For such a reason, both of them teamed up once more to write Goodloe’s brand-new single Somewhere Out There. The track will be released on 27th August on Hip Jazz Records.

The Making Of Somewhere Out There

Since the whole world is currently recovering from the COVID-19, the Denver-based guitarist is presently focusing on moving forward. Goodloe, along with Hawley, wrote the track Somewhere Out There, and Adam took the responsibility to compose it.

Gregory believes that this particular song will surely inspire and encourage many people. There is also a mid-tempo groove, which is anchored by bassist Melvin Brown and drummer Eric Valentine. Gregory’s cool-tone electric jazz calisthenics and lyrical fretwork evoked his iconic influencers, Wes Montgomery and George Benson.

On the other hand, Goodloe expressed that his new song came in the form of a reflection of hope within an ever-changing world. Both Goodloe and Hawley wrote the song with inspiration in their hearts and are pretty determined to experience everything with a positive mind hoping for a new tomorrow.

Goodloe also said that they purposely made the track a feel-good and upbeat tune. The song is also pretty bright, and people will feel good due to the toe-tapping steady arrangement and groove.

Few Words On Gregory Goodloe

Goodloe is a self-taught musician and also a US Army veteran. He has performed with many gospel, jazz, and R&B headliners like Shirley Caesar, James Ingram, Ben Tankard, Michael McDonald, Norman Brown, and many more. He has also played his role as a music director for soul-jazz singer Aysha and R&B-pop group Surface. Two years ago, Gregory also scored his first-ever Billboard No.1 single Stylin along with Darren Rahn, who is a GRAMMY-nominated saxophonist, producer, and songwriter.

Final Words

Gregory Goodloe has worked for his upcoming single track, and the help he received from Adam Hawley has given him the chance to create a beautiful piece like Somewhere Out There. All his fans are impatiently waiting for the song to release, and Goodloe says that people will surely love it.


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