After Fenty Beauty gained a lot of recognition worldwide, Rihanna has expanded the way people see and approach makeup and cosmetics. Rihanna’s makeup collection contains a diverse range of shades enabling everyone to find makeup products that will perfectly match their skin texture and tone. Currently, the singer is gearing up to release her Fenty Fragrance, which he claims to be confident, carnal, and sexy.

Posting Hints For The Upcoming Fenty Fragrance

The singer posted a cryptic yet mysterious video clip on her Fenty Beauty IG account. The video clip showed a glowing fragrance bottle, and after that, the recording ends. This has instantly excited all the fans, and they are pretty eager to know what the Disturbia hitmaker has in-store for them. The comment section of that particular post was bombarded with fans expressing their excitement.

Most of them have already figured out that the singer is gearing up to release her first-ever perfume. One fan commented: “There is a rumor in the industry that Rih Rih smells pretty good, and buying it the minute it’s released.” On the other hand, the singer’s stylist, Priscilla Ono, also shared just the words “it’s already time,” which instantly made all the fans a lot more excited.

What Does Rihanna Have To Say?

Rihanna used her Fenty Skin IG account to express her thoughts on the upcoming fragrance from her side. She posted a crisp and stunning white-black of herself where she quoted: “That’s exactly the thing I adore the most. It is a memory and experience, which has been encapsulated into a perfume”. She also ended her quote by saying that it’s one smell that people will never forget.

The beauty mogul is not just known in the industry for her music but also her creativity. Her unique makeup collection was a massive hit as it’s loved and used by millions of individuals across the globe. Trendmood’s IG account also hinted at Rihanna’s perfume as a floral one and will soon be in the market for purchase.

All the Fenty users from the United States will get the chance to try out the upcoming Fenty Eau de Parfum. The users will receive a product sample after they purchase over $40 and use the code “FENTY.”

Summing Up

Rihanna is a legend within music, but she is also well-known for her massive makeup collection. The singer will soon release the first Fenty perfume, and fans are looking forward to getting their hands on it.


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