T.I. Shows Support To DaBaby For His Homophonic Rant At Rolling Loud

DaBaby not only chose his side during the whole violent incident between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion, but he also left some homophobic and sexism within his comments. T.I, on the other hand, fully supported his statement and commented that he “spoke his truth”. The words sprayed out by DaBaby have not impressed many individuals in the industry.

George M Johnson Calling Out DaBaby

DaBaby’s comments were not taken lightly by award-winning author George M Johnson. He called out the rapper’s unnecessary and disrespectful statement. Johnson uploaded a tweet in which he said, “A celibate and homophobic rant topped with a distressing HIV comment so that you can scheme the feeble image of manliness? Trash!!”.

Johnson continued by saying, Misogyny kills. Homophobia kills. Many individuals lose their lives for such reasons. He also said that this is not something where everyone has time to wait for straight Black men to GROW out of it. This must end immediately. On the HIV part, he said that Weaponizing HIV/AIDS had killed millions of Black people globally.

Johnson also said that HIV is dangerous and harmful and STILL on the epidemic levels for LGBTQ and Black women. He was displeased with DaBaby’s comment and ended his words by saying that many individuals feel discouraged and unhappy because of such shaming and impolite eloquence.

T.I Showing Support To DaBaby

Because of the backlash, DaBaby started to receive for his comments, both T.I defended themselves by explaining the actual behind the words he said. T.I. compared the rant with Lil Nas X’s track Industry Baby. He said that if people can have Lil Nas X’s video and him living the truth, then people like DaBaby and their comments should exist as well. He didn’t say anything wrong, and he spoke the truth, stated T.I.

But DaBaby claimed that his statement was not a rant as he labeled it as a “call to action”. He stated that his gay fans are not nasty because they have class and know how to take care of themselves. But the 2-minuted unjustified follow-up took the rapper way more-deeper into the hole.

Final Thoughts

DaBaby’s comments were something that didn’t gain a good impression among his fans and other people. Even with the support from T.I., people didn’t support his statement. The majority of the people have already muted the rapper, and an apology is still pending from his side. Now, people can only wait patiently to hear what DaBaby has to say.


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