In this modern world, rappers are more sincerely commenting on their health and medical condition. This stands out as a shift from what used to happen earlier, and that is helping in highlighting the complicated history of hip hop with medical health.

Rapper Freeway On His Kidney Failure

Way back in 2015, Freeway suffered from kidney failure, and the members of his group warned him not to divulge the news in public. Freeway himself recalled his memory where his members told him not to post the matter on the internet and keep the matter between themselves. But he didn’t listen at all. The only thing his members wanted from him was to not feel weak and hide it from everyone because he is a celebrity.

Freeway told NBC News that many people out there felt that he should not be so open about such personal matters and let others know what’s going on. His Instagram posts showed the ups and downs of his life while battling kidney failure. He underwent four hours of dialysis, which was three days per week, along with various doctor’s appointments.

The 42-year-old rapper went through a kidney transplant in 2019 and has been recovering since then.


Rick Ross Speaks Out About The Seizures He Experienced

Apart from Freeway, rapper Rick Ross also shared his story on his medical conditions. For the past several years, the rapper was constantly experiencing seizures. He commented about it in public interviews and how he is coping with his health and has invested $1 million on Jetdoc, a Florida-based telehealth business.

Medical Health In Hip Hop Culture

A rapper’s medical struggles always stood out as a norm within hip-hop culture. Freeway mentioned that during the 90s and early 2000s, the majority of the rappers were Black men. He also added by saying these rappers wanted to make it look like nothing can affect them, as if they were pretty unbeatable and didn’t want to show any weaknesses.

Within an industry like hip hop, things like financial struggles, health issues, and relationship woes can make the most beloved artist a joke. For this reason, only some of them batted an eye when the late rapper Tupac joked about Prodigy’s sickle cell anemia, which he mentioned in his diss track Hit ‘Em Up. The diss track is one of the most famous tracks from the 1996 Bad Boy Records because it was the most disrespectful and caustic diss of all time.


The complexities with health issues has been seen throughout the history of the hip-hop industry. Many well-known and famous rappers have become more careful these days to keep themselves in good health. Some of them have opened up Juice Bars, and others have opened up natural health stores.


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