A whole day is about to begin for The Weekend. The Starboy hitmaker, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, uploaded a tweet on 1st August 2021, which stated, “F*** it!! It Begins Tonight”. After that, he moved on further to show a 2-minute video track, and the song’s title will be released soon. The video starts with a camera that pans over the ocean horizon towards a blazing red-orange colored sky.

In the background, people could hear pulsing synths being played. Then, there are some specks of light, which can be seen in the video flying away in the sky, and the sun rises from the horizon, getting more prominent as the camera keeps growing closer. A massive beam of light concludes the entire video, where Abel signs, Take My Hand.

Dropping Hints On The New Album

During the Billboards Music Awards, held in May 2021, The Weekend already provided a bit of a hint on his upcoming album. He won 10 awards at the BMA, and during his acceptance speech, The Weekend says, “the Afterhours is over, and a new dawn is on its way.”

He also won an award for his Binding Lights single. Apart from that, he didn’t just use the word “DAWN” at the BMA, but it was pretty visible at all his interviews. This has made many of his fans theorize that he is currently working on a new album.

The speculations were true after all when Tesfaye [The Weekend] declared at the interview with GQ that a brand-new album is on its way. He also said that it’s an album, which he always wanted to create.

He also discussed the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, where he didn’t receive any nominations even when all his songs topped the charts. The Weekend claimed that he didn’t receive a GRAMMY because the Recording Academy believes his work was not good according to their standards.

This is something with which he wholeheartedly disagrees and will continue to boycott the awards. Abel also said that everyone told him to do better next time and replied that he would do better but not for others but only for himself.

Ending Note

The weekend is all set to release his brand-new album, and the teaser was outstanding. Many fans are super excited to see what the Binding Lights hitmaker has in-store for them this time. Despite being very disappointed for not winning a GRAMMY, he will surely move forward and produce music that enables them to win awards.


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