When it comes to Lollapalooza, it’s pretty much like a homecoming for English singer Billy Idol. He headlined the first-ever Lollapalooza back in 2005 in Grant Park. Now, he finally returned after 16 long years, and this time, he will not be alone. He will grace the stage with another well-known figure, Miley Cyrus. Many of the individuals thought that Idol and Cyrus are pretty odd pairing. But there is a massive reason behind it, and Billy Idol spilled the beans behind his collaboration with the Wrecking Ball hitmaker.

What Does Billy Idol Have To Say Over His Collab With Miley?

Billy Idol expressed his thoughts by saying that he did a song with the young singer last year for her album, Plastic Hearts. The song is called Night Crawling and is produced by Andrew Watt. During an interview with Audacity’s Ryan Arnold, Billy also revealed that he was partially listening to Post Malone, which instantly made him realize that Andrew Watt can pull out both rock n roll and modern music. Producers who can create all types of music are something Billy Idol likes working with.

How Idol Ended Up In Lollapalooza?

Andrew told him that she wants to do a Billy Idol song. After that, Watt met up with Billy on this particular collaboration, and he certainly didn’t hesitate to say yes. Furthermore, Idol collaborated with Miley for the song, and it came out way better than Billy expected. He liked the song a lot and decided to perform it live at Lollapalooza with Miley Cyrus.

Billy Idol: A Bit Of Background Check

The legendary singer released his last album way back in 2014. But he did provide many hints that he has many brand-new materials in-store, which he will surely share with his support. Apart from that, Idol also said that he is already getting ready to release an EP called Roadside, which will come out in September, along with a song, Bitter Taste, that will be released on August 11, 2021. The English singer says Bitter Taste will be an influential track as it was inspired by a deadly motorcycle accident that he experienced.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol will undoubtedly occur at the upcoming Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago. Fans are waiting patiently to see two legendary artists perform side-by-side on the same stage.


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