Currently, Young Thug is ruling the pop-punk wave as he performs four brand new songs, including the rock version of Ski. Young Thug is known as one of the most-busiest men within the music industry as he constantly features in some of the biggest albums within the rap world. He did all of these activities while making his own music and while running a style imprint.

His supporters are always insisting on new and unique music from this Atlanta-based artist, and for the past several months, he has been teasing his fans with Slime Language 2 along with the Punk rumors. Even though Punk will be his brand-new album, Slime Language 2 will be a compilation with other YSL [Young Stoner Live Records] artists.


Performing 4 New Songs Punk Release Announcement

Young Thug made it official and announced the release dates of Punk during his NPR Tiny Desk Concert, where he also performed four of his new tracks. Young Thug’s performance was declared on Monday, where videos of him were released performing the rock-tinged version of Ski, which features Travis Barker. On the other hand, the concert is live, and it stands out to be a lot more exciting and unique.

Young Thug painted the town pink with his new songs, Droppin Jewels, Tick Tock, Die Slow and Hate The Game. Apart from that, Young Thug officially told the entire world that he is releasing his album, Punk, on 15th October 2021. Previously, he also released the #1 album, So Much Fun, along with his #1 compilation, Slime Language 2. Also, he hinted at the release date of Punk uniquely by pointing at the date, which was at the back of his T-shirt.

Few Words On The NPR Tiny Desk Concert

He didn’t just perform with Travis Barker at the concert, but also with the band Damnage Gooods. This took place days after he ended the Rolling Loud with an electrifying and outstanding performance. Interested individuals are free to watch the concert on YouTube as it has the complete recording of the show.

Ending Note

Young Thug never fails to surprise and impress his fans with music, and his supporters call him pure hip hop. He always creates something unique and extraordinary, which people will love listening to. Many of his fans are currently looking forward to the release of Punk in September. Young Thug doesn’t just have the power to sell out all his albums, but he also keeps it original, just like his other projects.


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