The rising star from Asheville has shared her feelings as truths in her new album. The album is titled “Any Shape You Take.” The artist feels that describing thrilling moments of her personal life is the best way of music promotion. She thinks that specifying her feelings in the albums is a form of emotional release. She voices her lyrics with such ecstasy and liberation that you can visualize exclamation marks.

The artist has revealed in an interview that “Any Shape You Take” and “I Love My Mom” belong to the same season. And it does not indicate summer or winter. She tries to convey that both the albums reminisce about kindred life experiences. She has been undergoing similar feelings while penning down the lyrics for both albums. Thus, the two albums seem connected.

More About Her Music

She never details what she has gone through. But with her music, we can form a clear visualization. Her songs have always brought the audience closer to seemingly new feelings. Sometimes her songs point out the sense of ecstasy experienced in dying before the love of your life. At other times, it will familiarize you with your mental health reckonings after a nightmare. She throws light on obvious yet neglected thoughts of our daily lives with wry yet playful lyrics. She describes her songs as “harsh in a playful way.”

Her lead single “Kill Me” explores the storms of mental disorder over melody music while strumming her guitar. But what stands out in the song is that her depressing thoughts seem like a series of flustered tweets. She confesses that she blacks out and keeps writing. She lets her emotions flow on paper. The emotional depth found in her songs is because she does not try to analyze what she writes. Sometimes she knows what she felt while writing a particular song. But at other times, she is clueless about why she felt like that at that moment.

Closing Thoughts

There is an underlying clarity in the songs of Indigo De Souza. Her lyrics are unfiltered emotions and, therefore, raw and original. The structure of her pieces is determined by how her mind moves. She jumps around her feelings and gets engrossed in a musical world that seems fitting at that moment. But she admits that her listening list is different from the kind of songs she makes. She feels comfortable in releasing her emotions. That must be the reason why her listeners feel comfort around the songs as well.


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