Lil Nas X dropped the trailer for his highly anticipated album Montero. Fans have also been notified about the release date, which is September 17. Lil Nas X has proved himself as a valuable asset in the rap music genre. Let us know more about the new trailer for which fans have been eagerly waiting.

About The Trailer

The trailer follows the events of “Industry Baby.” It begins with a news broadcast of the Montero News Network. The rapper himself plays the news anchor. He is seen reporting about how Lil Nas X and one of his Caucasian friends escaped prison. While the broadcast is going on, Lol Nas X can be seen in his pink prison jumpsuit. He is riding through the desert in a mint green Cadillac. He comes across a payphone and dials a number. The man then escapes into a dark void as a crystalized figure in various colors.

The trailer is indeed an intriguing way of music promotion. The trailer also features an upbeat, acoustic track from the album. But the title of the song has not been revealed. The lyrics go as follows: “I want someone to love me, I want someone that needs me.” The rapper shared his experience of making the album on social media. He revealed that making this album has been his way of healing. He understood how people’s perception of him is irrelevant, and the only thing that matters is how he sees himself. The album brought him closer to his journey of self-confidence.

A few days back, the rapper joked about officially working at Taco Bell again. The artist will publicize his latest album at the fast-food chain. On top of that, the rapper has also collaborated with Taco Bell Foundation for philanthropy. He will recognize and reward creative young minds by helping them pursue higher education with the Live Mas Scholarship. The rapper worked for the fast-food chain before gaining fame in the world of music. In the music video of “Sun Goes Down,” he portrays his time at Taco Bell.

Closing Thoughts

The tracklist of the album is yet to be released. But songs like “Industry Baby,” “Montero,” and “Sun Goes Down” will find a prominent place in the album. “Industry Baby,” his most recent single, secured the second rank in the Billboard Hot 100. On the other hand, “Montero” has been number one on the chart.


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