For all artists, it takes a remarkable quality to accumulate their stans. Even though the music requires to be excellent, it needs a lot more than that. It needs a business mind that can easily navigate the entire music sector and requires proper knowledge and voice to be used properly. But more importantly, all artists have to give out generously through their own experience and life willingly.

But all these things have already been fulfilled by the 21-year-old British songwriter and singer Maisie Peters. The young singer has captured the public’s attention and of iconic superstars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Due to her immense popularity, music merchandise in her name is sold on online websites as well. This has given fans the ability to purchase all types of Maisie Peters-related things easily.

Apart from that, Peters is currently releasing her debut album, You Signed Up For This, on 27th August 2021. She is presently the next generation of stand-worthy artists as well. Maisie is well-known for her melody music, and people are looking forward to what her debut album has in-store. During an interview, Peters claimed that she has been co-writing music since she was 15 and writing songs since 12.

In 2018 and 2019, she released a total of three EPs, which are: It’s Your Funeral, It’s Your Bed Babe, and Dressed Too Nice For A Funeral. This helped Maisie establish her very own mixture of digital and danceable production along with the songwriter-singer sensibility. Her recent catchy yet unique tracks are John Hughes Movies and Psycho.

But what brought her to the cultural forefront is her inclusion within the soundtracks for the movie Birds of Prey. Her debut album reflects on her personality and the dedication of being widely herself. Peters has also said that she grew up listening to Britney Spears, ABBA, and Taylor Swift, and she is more into the folk-pop genre.

Maisie aims to make music that can help in conveying who she is to the entire world. The 21-year-old has already become an inspiration to many, and many well-known singers within the industry have appreciated her meaningful, catchy, and unique music.

Final Thoughts

Maisie Peters is all set to release her debut album, and her supporters are super excited about it. She is one of the best and leading singer-songwriters currently in the entertainment sector, and the youngster has plenty of potential to become a legend. Make sure to check her out on all social media platforms, including YouTube, and give a listen to her music.


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