Canadian Singer and Songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe Magnified Prominence in Pop Music

Tavish Crowe and Josh Ramsay, co-writers of Call Me Maybe, contemplate the hit-making strategy of the song. Undoubtedly it lifted Jepsen into the ultimate stratosphere.

A decade ago, the pop world experienced a pivotal shift in its melody music. The alternative stylings in the spectrum of subgenres redefine the pop ethos. Taylor Swift’s pop music underwent evolution with her album Red. However, the theme of Lana Del Rey and Max Martin’s music was also captivating.

On the other hand Channel Orange, the seminal release by Frank Ocean also lingers on in pop music. And after that emerged Carly Rae Jepsen through Canadian Idol. She was placed in the third position in the music competition.

After the competition, she released her debut album, Tug of War, in 2008. This album project preceded her bubblegum pop career, and it soon underwent evolution with Call Me Maybe.

The hit single did a marvelous job in her career as soon as it became viral. It not only helped her shift the direction of pop culture but transformed her entire career. And lastly, before it sealed the first position in the hit songs list, it went through some iterations.

Jepsen revealed the main reason behind Call Me Maybe. It promotes chemistry when you feel that you have met the right person. She added that the spark must be investigated and left to linger just there. She mentioned that she was also too shy to take the initiative and approach someone she likes.

Carly had been writing songs with Crowe in the initial stage, and they came up with an alternate version of the track. Ramsay mentions that he wanted to create the song by combining Carly’s acoustics. He wanted her to have the infectious energy just like Katy Perry.

But that didn’t happen. She made things roll her way. Her bright eyes and endearing personality escalated the power of the lyrics from the single. Ramsay believes that Carly made the proper delivery. And that made her music promotion very lively, genuine, and grounded.

Canadian pop star Justin Beiber also tweeted that Call Me Maybe was the catchiest song he ever heard. Songwriter Ramsay recalls that the music exploded on the radio, and people were hooked.

Crowe said when the song was going viral everywhere else, it was slipping down in the Canadian charts. Nevertheless, the song gained traction across the entire globe. It remained at the No. 1 position in Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks straight. And since then, Jepsen’s music has proved to be timeless, and it never goes out of style.

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