Lokolil is a 21-year old rap music artist who is on the brink of fame. The artist, whose real name is Khalil Durden, hails from Bronx, New York. The young and talented artist has always been fascinated by music. Artists like DMX and Tupac influence his music.


Who Supported Lokolil’s Dream?

His father highly supported Lokolil’s passion for music. The man was an affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan. A tragedy hit Lokolil when his father was found dead in 2021. But the tragedy motivated Lokolil to pursue his and his father’s dream of becoming one of the greatest musicians in the Bronx.

Lokolil decided to turn his life events and childhood memories into something productive. His childhood was shaped by street violence and hardships that influenced his music. He can share impactful stories with the world through his musical talent.

Lokolil has been in the streets and undergone some terrifying experiences. But he did not let dramatic experiences define his identity. He took it as a challenge to rise against what society expected of him. He was committed to learning Bronx Drill, which is undoubtedly one of the breakout eras of the music industry.

Lokolil’s Career

According to music updates, Lokolil’s first music video titled “You Are My High” already has more than 300k YouTube views. His music contains everything that will help him share his stories with the world. His powerful music will help him make a massive name for himself and his family.

Lokolil wants to give his two young kids a wonderful life with the money and fame he receives through music. His fan base is proliferating on the platforms of some of the leading music streaming providers. The young artist is a true enigma in the music industry, making a name for himself after the first release.

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