The J-pop superstar mentions that they feel like an outsider. They also talk about the beauty of self-reflection and give music updates on their debut bilingual album Bad Mode.

Utada’s all-new music album Bad Mode is all about self-reflection. Through this album, the legend is found looking into the mirror. The studio album primarily discusses self-love, self-parenting, growing up, and acceptance. The artist mentions that the album is also about furnishing their relationship with themselves and other people.

The soundtracks hold on to a relatable ambition that makes it glossy with Utada’s soulful voice and the jazzy electronica. Utada mentions that they wrote almost every song since the inception of the pandemic. The artist went through various difficulties, and the songs reflect it all. From surviving to living, Utada feels very proud of being the most robust mother anyone could be.

In the pride month of 2021, Utada came out as a nonbinary. They revealed and declared her sexual orientation through Instagram live. No wonder Utada’s revelation and announcement hindered the conservative values of Japan’s music industry and others. The artist was waiting for this day for a very long time to witness other people’s reactions.

The J-pop superstar has successfully made it across millions of billboards. They have campaigned for brands like Pepsi, Nintendo DS, and Shiseido. Their contribution to music has aspects larger than life. From anime TV shows to video games, Utada has supplied the music.

The artist has provided the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III, collaborating with Poo Bear and Skrillex. Utada started obtaining English-speaking fans soon after her melody music composition for the video game Kingdom Hearts in 2002.

Even after gaining lots of love, support, and millions of fan following, something unusual was. Utada continued to feel like an outsider, building their identity around it. The artist believes that music is an art, and anyone can be their authentic self through it. They believe that if somebody makes you feel like you don’t belong there, always hold the pride to remain an outsider.

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