Indie-Folk Artist Anais Mitchell Reflects on the Moments from Watershed

Singer and songwriter Anais Mitchell is a prolific artist who has created Hadestown. Within a decade, she returned in circles to her songwriting habits for her debut solo album.

Mitchell has come up with the first solo record in 10 years. The closing track of the album Watershed exquisitely reflects her present days. She depicts the picture of where life has taken her through music. Her last release of melody music was Young Man in America in 2012.

Anais’ 2010 studio album Hadestown metamorphosed into the Broadway musical. This album won as many as eight Tonys, including Best Original Score and Best Musical in 2019. 2020 was indeed a rewarding year for the indie-folk artist. She gave birth to her second child and formed a supergroup of indie-folk.

Her group consisted of Bonny Light Horseman, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman. The track Watershed makes the artist’s journey marvelous. The music explores the purpose of one’s life and how it can be made gradually imperceptible. The singer mentioned that the lyrics kept on returning to her as she found herself in a watershed moment of life.

She intended not to break from solo music for at least a decade. And she didn’t take a break as she engaged herself with tons of other projects. The artist enjoys dedicating her energy to each task and endeavors individually.

Mitchell mentioned that the epidemic had significantly influenced her musical career. It helped deliver her the private space that was lacking in her life for a long time. She revealed how she loves enjoying her personal life away from all the paparazzi invading her privacy. So right before delivering her second child, she decided to fly to Vermont, where the paps couldn’t see her.

As a songwriter, she enjoys bringing out the intersection that caters to the mythical and the universal. The indie-folk artist makes sure that her songs can speak up for others outside her life.



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