The talented rap music artist Juice WRLD lost his life on Dec 8, 2021. The tragic incident happened only six days after his 21st birthday. The real name of the talented musician was Jarad Anthony Higgins.

What Happened to the Talented Musician?

After landing at the Midway International Airport in Chicago, the singer suffered a medical emergency. He suffered a seizure after his landing. The law enforcement sources revealed that the rap artist was bleeding from his mouth.

He was pronounced dead after he was brought in at a nearby hospital. The doctors at the hospital treated him for an hour while trying to steady his heartbeat. Over a month after his death, it was announced that the artist died from an accidental drug overdose.

Tributes Kept Pouring in for the Musician

Several eminent figures from the music world expressed their grief after his death. Camila Cabello was one of the first to offer her condolences after the news of Juice WRLD’s death.

Lil Nas X posted a tweet for the budding artist. He expressed his disappointment that so many young and talented artists are losing their lives. DJ Zane Lowe revealed that he found Juice WRLD gifted and thoughtful artist.

The DJ said that the music of Juice WRLD was impacting millions. He also revealed that he always wanted to Juice WRLD in person. He could not contain his grief that the meeting wouldn’t be possible anymore.

Ending Note

The illustrious career of Juice WRLD was sky-rocketing. His songs blended rap and melody music. “Lucid Dreams” was one of his iconic releases, occupying the second position in US Billboards. After his death, fans could not help but notice his song “Legends,” which talked about the artist not making it past 21 years.


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