The Death of Rising Rap Artist Juice WRLD.

Juice WRLD was a budding rap music artist conquering US charts with heartfelt lyrics. The 21-year old was adding an emotional depth to contemporary hip hop music. But the budding artist’s success was short-lived with his sudden death in December 2021.

What Happened to Juice WRLD?

On December 8, he suffered a medical emergency after landing at Midway International Airport in Chicago. He suffered a seizure and heart attack after the landing of his private jet. He was later declared dead by doctors at a nearby hospital.

After more than a month of his death, the reason behind it was finally revealed. The music artist died from an accidental overdose of codeine and oxycodone. The hip hop artist lost his life only six days after his 21st birthday.

More About the Artist

The Chicago rapper was born Jarad Anthony Higgins in the year 2000. He is primarily known for his hit track “Lucid Dreams”, which occupied the second position in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. The artist collaborated with Travis Scott and the members of Korean band BTS, RM and Suga. His contributions were also visible in the soundtrack of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

Did Juice WRLD Predict His Own Death?

Juice WRLD has been vocal about his struggle with drug addiction in his songs. In “Wishing Well,” he wrote that he wouldn’t be here if he continued to take these pills. He also talked about not making it past 21 in a song titled “Legends.”

Ending Note

The way Juice WRLD’s career was unfurling, he could have made millions out of it. His fan base was also snowballing, and fans were devastated after officially declared the news. Hopefully, his music legacy revolving around the struggle with drug addiction will help others fight their addiction battles.


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