The SRG-ILS Group Collaborates with Saxophonist Mike Phillips for Launching the New Jazz Record Label Keep It Moving Music.


The renowned and award-winning saxophonist Mike Philips has partnered with The SRG-ILS Group to begin a new project. The music updates state that the new project will create a new Jazz record label.

Mike Phillips’s debut project You Have Reached Mike Phillips will soon be marking the 20th year of its anniversary. The renowned saxophonist believed that it was time already to steer his path and focus on something new. So he decided on conjuring a path of the new generation of music enthusiasts.

Teaming up with SRG-ILS Group was the perfect idea he could ever come up with. Claude Villani, founder and CEO of SRG, is a musician and producer. And SRG’s infrastructure has been knitted in such a way that it remains deeply seated for the true love for music. So Claude believes that working with Phillips can help them grow and maintain the integrity of the music.

Phillips has witnessed multiple shifts throughout his musical journey. No wonder he is known as the most hardworking person in the industry. He has magnificently endured all the changes that impeded his path so far. The musician has reinvented wherever required and consistently pushed ways towards progress.

Keep It Moving Music, as Mike says, will cater as the platform for all the young jazz artists.This largest record label is ready to work with anyone who is very passionate about their growth in music. They will also extend their welcoming arms to those willing to learn the dynamics of the music business and work hard.

Mike also reveals that all the artists eager to partner with KIMM will be mentored and educated by artists on the SRG roster. When contemporary jazz has become a sink of cultural appropriation, Phillips wants to serve it. He believes all the leading jazz artists are responsible for the energy delivered to the music space.


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