Even after We Are Young set the world of music on fire, the stadium chorus and the hip hop drums went on rumbling.

Fun conjured a theatrical sophomore and dropped their albums and singles like atom bombs. Singles We Are Young and Some Nights depicted the notions of a perfect blending. The two songs articulated the blend of a completely new decade.

With their unexpected fame in the musical world, they launched the trio from New York City. Lead vocalist Nate Ruess, lead guitarist, drummer Jack Antonoff, and pianist and bassist Andrew Dost. Together they scored around six nominations for Grammy and won two of them.

Nevertheless, they split and forged their career in melody music. Dost performed in some television shows and films. Ruess collaborated with Young Thug and released an album of his own. And lastly, Antonoff made fame for his solo act in Bleachers and as a pop music producer.

Antonoff saturated Folklore by Taylor Swift wistfully and with the woodsy thrum. He also participated in Melodrama by Lorde. But the commercial success of Some Nights gave the ultimate momentum for fame. We will never be able to forget the evocative chorus of the album.

Ruess was previously in The Format, which he disbanded in 2008. After which, he reached out to Antonoff and Dost and collaborated to form Fun. Their conjunction was disclosed when they toured with Jack’s Mannequin in 2008.

Aim and Ignite was their first indie rock-leaning album, which dropped in 2009. It was full of life with occasional trumpet, guitar-driven bops, and vocal crescendo. Their fame was not terminated to the mainstream audiences. Fueled by Ramen also noticed them and signed a label with the trio in August 2010.

Next, when the trio was working around their second album, they were inspired by hip-hop artists. Kayne West and Jay-Z greatly inspired them in their musical journey. Till today, We Are Young has been Fun’s most-streamed song on Spotify. The music has been played over 7 million times. Surprisingly, the song brought a Song of the Year Grammy to the band.

Even though Fun has undergone a hiatus since 2015, its legacy still holds on. Their music was an absolute game-changer. Today Antanoff has become the most prolific pop songwriter and producer. He also holds a considerable presence in the cinematic universe with A-list collaborators.

It is truly satisfying to have the legacy of Fun being carried by music even today.

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