Barbadian Singer Rihanna Embraces the Act of Boldness and Eases Out on Her Seventh Studio Album Unapologetic

Pop Singer Rihanna receives consecutive successes in the Pop music world. After which, a strong entrepreneurial spirit has been noticed within her.

2012 has witnessed the most significant cultural movements in the world of music. Rihanna owns six music albums and several artistic transformations. She has also provided the pop music industry with the most daring music act and painstakingly defied audiences’ expectations throughout her musical eras. Looking back at her during her Unapologetic phase, all she wanted to do was reclaim her happiness.

Five days before the album’s release, she started on the 777 Tour. She took along as many as 150 journalists, crew members, and selective fans on a Boeing airplane. This tour was supposed to be a roadshow for seven days in seven countries. The entire tour brought about impending chaos that was uncalled for.

On the inauguration day, the singer offered D’Usse and Ace of Spades glasses to everyone on board. However, the journalists thought she would give interviews about her newly released melody music. Everyone on the jet was able to witness Rihanna unfiltered. This is how she embraced boldness in her way on Unapologetic.

In the initial stage of her career, she followed bubblegum pop acts. But she promised to deliver the rebellious and massive breakthrough. 2007’s album Good Girl Gone Bad depicted a mystifying appeal of her looks.

While she was still nascent in her career, the global pop phenom made her shut out on the “bad gal” status. 2009 marked her fourth album Rated R where she portrayed herself through the gothic and bleak lens. This album retraced her breakup with Chris Brown, and the controversy prevailed.

Her music promotion knew no bounds and redefined her authentic self. She has deemed her powerhouse and provided her with a self-assured rebirth. Rihanna’s transition act in the Unapologetic territory was unexpected.

The album also made its primetime debut in Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in 2012. She fearlessly walked down the aisle, thereby promoting her pop domination. When the album was overrun by the soundscapes of EDM and hip hop, her vulnerability broke through.

Rihanna’s dazzling single Diamonds was the number 1 song on Billboard Hot 100.



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