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We are in the business of creating scintillating music and our artists give us nothing short of this. We have the best music providers for hip hop music, and of its variants including- rap music, trap music, and R&B music.

Hip Hop Music

For us, hip hop is more than just music, it is a lifestyle. We are fascinated by this musical genre as both a genre and a culture. Hip hop came about in 1970 with the rise of block parties in New York City. In its early years, it was attributed to the poverty-featured ghetto communities. And as a result, it didn’t enjoy popularity and general acceptance until later in its evolution. By 1980 hip hop then began to develop into more complex styles like the new school hip hop, the gangsta rap subgenre, West Coast hip hop, and East Coast hip hop. East Coast hip hop was dominated by jazz rap, alternative hip hop, and hardcore rap. As time unfolded, the Hip hop genre continued its metamorphosis into different styles as Southern rap and Atlanta hip hop. And by the mid-1990s, Hip hop had become a top-rated, top-selling, music genre.

We are so thrilled at how far hip hop has come. From being an underdog to becoming mainstream. There is virtually no genre that has not come under the influence of hip hop no matter how minutely. Since 2017, hip hop has carried the label- the most popular genre in the United States. Hence, our merchandise is in Hip hop.


Music Merchandise Company

Our music merchandise is quite the bomb. So, if the sound of post-Malone music, Kanye music, Cardi B music and even DaBaby music sets you grooving and vibing on a different pedestal, then you probably aren’t ready for what’s coming for you. Our signed artists have music within this merchandise. In the following months, keep your fingers crossed and lookout for some of our artists and tracks by them as we blow your minds.

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