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Barbadian Singer Rihanna

Barbadian Singer Rihanna Embraces the Act of Boldness and Eases Out on Her Seventh Studio Album Unapologetic

Pop Singer Rihanna receives consecutive successes in the Pop music world. After which, a strong entrepreneurial spirit has been noticed within her.

2012 has witnessed the most significant cultural movements in the world of music. Rihanna owns six music albums and several artistic transformations. She has also provided the pop music industry with the most daring music act and painstakingly defied audiences’ expectations throughout her musical eras. Looking back at her during her Unapologetic phase, all she wanted to do was reclaim her happiness.

Five days before the album’s release, she started on the 777 Tour. She took along as many as 150 journalists, crew members, and selective fans on a Boeing airplane. This tour was supposed to be a roadshow for seven days in seven countries. The entire tour brought about impending chaos that was uncalled for.

On the inauguration day, the singer offered D’Usse and Ace of Spades glasses to everyone on board. However, the journalists thought she would give interviews about her newly released melody music. Everyone on the jet was able to witness Rihanna unfiltered. This is how she embraced boldness in her way on Unapologetic.

In the initial stage of her career, she followed bubblegum pop acts. But she promised to deliver the rebellious and massive breakthrough. 2007’s album Good Girl Gone Bad depicted a mystifying appeal of her looks.

While she was still nascent in her career, the global pop phenom made her shut out on the “bad gal” status. 2009 marked her fourth album Rated R where she portrayed herself through the gothic and bleak lens. This album retraced her breakup with Chris Brown, and the controversy prevailed.

Her music promotion knew no bounds and redefined her authentic self. She has deemed her powerhouse and provided her with a self-assured rebirth. Rihanna’s transition act in the Unapologetic territory was unexpected.

The album also made its primetime debut in Victoria’s Secret Fashion show in 2012. She fearlessly walked down the aisle, thereby promoting her pop domination. When the album was overrun by the soundscapes of EDM and hip hop, her vulnerability broke through.

Rihanna’s dazzling single Diamonds was the number 1 song on Billboard Hot 100.




Even after We Are Young set the world of music on fire, the stadium chorus and the hip hop drums went on rumbling.

Fun conjured a theatrical sophomore and dropped their albums and singles like atom bombs. Singles We Are Young and Some Nights depicted the notions of a perfect blending. The two songs articulated the blend of a completely new decade.

With their unexpected fame in the musical world, they launched the trio from New York City. Lead vocalist Nate Ruess, lead guitarist, drummer Jack Antonoff, and pianist and bassist Andrew Dost. Together they scored around six nominations for Grammy and won two of them.

Nevertheless, they split and forged their career in melody music. Dost performed in some television shows and films. Ruess collaborated with Young Thug and released an album of his own. And lastly, Antonoff made fame for his solo act in Bleachers and as a pop music producer.

Antonoff saturated Folklore by Taylor Swift wistfully and with the woodsy thrum. He also participated in Melodrama by Lorde. But the commercial success of Some Nights gave the ultimate momentum for fame. We will never be able to forget the evocative chorus of the album.

Ruess was previously in The Format, which he disbanded in 2008. After which, he reached out to Antonoff and Dost and collaborated to form Fun. Their conjunction was disclosed when they toured with Jack’s Mannequin in 2008.

Aim and Ignite was their first indie rock-leaning album, which dropped in 2009. It was full of life with occasional trumpet, guitar-driven bops, and vocal crescendo. Their fame was not terminated to the mainstream audiences. Fueled by Ramen also noticed them and signed a label with the trio in August 2010.

Next, when the trio was working around their second album, they were inspired by hip-hop artists. Kayne West and Jay-Z greatly inspired them in their musical journey. Till today, We Are Young has been Fun’s most-streamed song on Spotify. The music has been played over 7 million times. Surprisingly, the song brought a Song of the Year Grammy to the band.

Even though Fun has undergone a hiatus since 2015, its legacy still holds on. Their music was an absolute game-changer. Today Antanoff has become the most prolific pop songwriter and producer. He also holds a considerable presence in the cinematic universe with A-list collaborators.

It is truly satisfying to have the legacy of Fun being carried by music even today.

New R&R Artists

Songs from Hole Classic, clever earworm, to lively tunes, Bop Shop Records has it all.

The largest record label, Bop Shop, has carefully picked up Doja Cat, Jack Harlow, Chappell Roan, and more. Searching for the ever-elusive “Bop” is complex; however, the online music providers can cater this much. It will only form a compelling question about whether the song is trendy or simply new. The melody shop has now come back into the business. Let’s check them out.

●      Like Exploding Stones by Kurt Vile

When it comes to Kurt Vile, there is always something delightful about him. The poet laureate and guitar god has filmed the seven-minute music video in roller ink. No wonder he barely tries pantomime strumming.

●     Dilemma by Apink

After being on hiatus for nearly two years, the K-pop girl group Apink returned with a Dilemma. The veteran superstars are finding ways to explore the darker concept. The music video of the song is also enriched with colossal drama.

●     Celebrity Skin by Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s grunge classic from Hole is timeless. Few of her songs are currently streaming as the modern Instagram reel music. The rock goddess does some minor tweaks to the song’s original lyrics.

●     Harder by Lion Babe

Harder is a perfect fusion of the uptempo snare, with a sprinkle of disco, lo-fi music, and little funk. The escapist music has been healing listeners during the pandemic.

●     Kids Like Us by Magnolia Park

One of the most exciting bands of the present time is Magnolia Park. They have been releasing good music over the past year. The song is enriched with a total gut punch. It discussed the tragic emotional distress of every human being.

●     Roster by Jazmine Sullivan

Roster portrays Sullivan as being vulnerable. She believes that even though the world is large, their thought process is simply tiny. Sullivan wails over as she chimes the acoustic guitar.

●     Eye on You by Wonho

Captain Korea is again back on track with the earworm Eye on You. It drives us immediately to the dark and driving bassline, as it depicts the feeling of the prejudiced gaze on him.

●     C’mon Baby, Cry by Orville Peck

The masked country crooner has dropped his debut single. He is also conjuring up an upcoming album, Bronco. The music might make you tap your feet, but the lyrics make the sad cowboys out there find a shoulder to cry on.

●     Come on Over by Design

If you are yearning for the late-night feeling, Come on Over is just the right song for you. The track beholds an eerie calmness by switching between promise and plea.

●     That’s Not Love by Richie Quake

The synth-driven, psych rock-inspired cut makes the one-sided romance work through his song. But right within, he believes that he deserves more.

●     Nail Tech by Jack Harlow

Harlow’s anthemic tracks have hip hop and folklore in equal parts. The bravado-heavy lyrics make the song confident and cocky both simultaneously.

●     Naked in Manhattan by Chappell Roan

Indie pop queen resurfaces the East Coast with her new flirty and infectious single. The addictive-chubby chorus takes a vigorous turn in the entire song.

●     Love Train by Silk Sonic

Anderson and Bruno Mars have collaborated to carry their legacy of the nostalgia

he Best of Angel Sessions R&

Angel Sessions Ready to Release Her All New Project The Best of Angel Sessions R&B

Angel Sessions has set forth to bring out her best through her upcoming new releases. The best of R&B music is yet to drop. Even though many of Angel’s previous hits will be added to this album, dive in to listen to the music that you’ve never heard before.

Nothing in this world can stop this legendary singer and songwriter from dropping R&B music. She continues to deliver her fans the best music they can ever have in their playlist. Last year Sessions released two hit singles, The Love and You Will Always Be (My Baby Girl).

Undoubtedly, both the tracks were listed at the number 1 position of Amazon Charts in R&B and Sound Click. It also gained the topmost ranks of R&B and Gospel Charts simultaneously. Angel’s new album will feature a few of his past releases that gained massive popularity. They are Open Up Your Eyes, Give My Love A Try, and Make up Your Mind.

The legendary singer has also kept aside some surprises for her fans. She will be adding some of her worldwide releases to the album that we’re not out on the digital platform. All the R&B music that Session has released bagged the top position throughout the years.

She believes that all of it has been possible because of the dedicated support of her fans. Nevertheless, she extends her love to all the people who have supported her and thanks to them. Sessions make up her mind to deliver the best music to her fans as it helps in soothing and uplifting.

The upcoming album of Angel has all the songs and vocals of her own. She makes sure that her songs have the fun tempo beat to groove. Her fans can’t wait to shake a leg as soon as the album drops on 25th March 2022.

Metalhead Jeris Johnson Craves for Blood and Love at the Same Time

Jeris Johnson, a former metalhead turned TikTok musician, focuses on bringing back rock into the future. His debut album, I Want Blood/ I Want Love, has just dropped to mark the beginning.

Musician Jeris Johnson, 25, has just returned after his first tour. He wore a hat with the message of “Make Rock Great Again” encrypted. Johnson also claims himself as the future of rock music in the present day. He believes that rock music has been sticking to the mud for a very long time.

He says that the melody music industry is prevailing, thereby shadowing rock music. This genre of music is not capturing the attention of the younger generation. For this reason, Johnson thinks that it is deteriorating and will eventually vanish. He has released his debut album I Want Blood/ I Want Love, which proves to be the rock fountain of youth.

Jeris was born to musician parents. His mother was a vocalist, whereas his father was a drummer. No wonder the metalhead grew up surrounded by music. He released his earlier covers of rock music dating back to 2000. He posted covers of How You Remind Me by Nickelback and Never Too Late by Three Days Grace on TikTok.

He thinks that TikTok caters as the perfect platform for bringing in the genre of music speedily. Myspace, Tumblr, and various other sites helped the musical industry rise over the last two years. Johnson uses the platform of TikTok as the stage where he gains the confidence of bringing out his larger-than-life persona.

He grew up listening to all the 2000s radio rock, and his covers helped him bring traction to his tracks. Jeris has been influenced and collaborated with Chad Kroeger, Bring Me the Horizon, Oli Sykes, etc. His latest release, I Want Blood/ I Want Love, portrays two of his extreme sides. One side is ready to take charge of the rock scene, while the other is sentimental.

Johnson believes that the dual tone of his album has the probability of surprising his followers. His parent’s constant support has made him gain confidence, and he can’t wait to see what lies ahead. He started playing the piano and drums just at the age of 2.

Jeris has become so ambitious about rock music he wants to set its standard high. He believes that the universe is waiting for him to conjure rock music.


The SRG-ILS Group Collaborates with Saxophonist Mike Phillips for Launching the New Jazz Record Label Keep It Moving Music.


The renowned and award-winning saxophonist Mike Philips has partnered with The SRG-ILS Group to begin a new project. The music updates state that the new project will create a new Jazz record label.

Mike Phillips’s debut project You Have Reached Mike Phillips will soon be marking the 20th year of its anniversary. The renowned saxophonist believed that it was time already to steer his path and focus on something new. So he decided on conjuring a path of the new generation of music enthusiasts.

Teaming up with SRG-ILS Group was the perfect idea he could ever come up with. Claude Villani, founder and CEO of SRG, is a musician and producer. And SRG’s infrastructure has been knitted in such a way that it remains deeply seated for the true love for music. So Claude believes that working with Phillips can help them grow and maintain the integrity of the music.

Phillips has witnessed multiple shifts throughout his musical journey. No wonder he is known as the most hardworking person in the industry. He has magnificently endured all the changes that impeded his path so far. The musician has reinvented wherever required and consistently pushed ways towards progress.

Keep It Moving Music, as Mike says, will cater as the platform for all the young jazz artists.This largest record label is ready to work with anyone who is very passionate about their growth in music. They will also extend their welcoming arms to those willing to learn the dynamics of the music business and work hard.

Mike also reveals that all the artists eager to partner with KIMM will be mentored and educated by artists on the SRG roster. When contemporary jazz has become a sink of cultural appropriation, Phillips wants to serve it. He believes all the leading jazz artists are responsible for the energy delivered to the music space.


Vaneese Thomas, R&B/Blues Singer, is About to Release Her New Album Fight The Good Fight

Singer of R&B music and Blues has announced the date for releasing her new album. Fight The Good Fight will be her eighth career album. She has made her debut with Blue Heart Records, set to drop on 15th April 2022.

Vaneese Thomas sang two new tracks from Fight The Good Fight on 21st February at City Winery in NYC. She was a special guest for the evening of the Black Opry Revue. Al Orlo accompanied the singer on the guitar.

Black Opry caters as a home to the Black artists and fans of folk, country, blues, and Americana music. She was invited to the organization as a special guest at the songwriter’s circle in Memphis, and this organization opens doors for all music roots for African-Americans. And she believes that she is just helping in opening up those doors of scope.

Thomas marked the beginning of her performance with the title track from the album. The lyrics of the track are intricately designed to deliver a strong message. The renewed hope has inspired people in many ways. She adds that Black Opry has all the spirits of inclusivity, positivity, and genuine personal and musical acceptance.

The second track that she performed was Same Blood Same Bone. This track serves as a tribute to her sisters in the song. This means she has dedicated the music to all the pioneering women of color in the music industry. This track will be released as the lead single from Fight The Good Fight.

Thomas has embraced her musical roots with all her three previous albums. She says that she is highly delighted and excited to witness the inclusivity of Americana roots in music. Sallie Bengston reveals that the album’s cover art has been exquisitely designed. It unifies the past, present, and future within a poignant image.

The Death of Rising Rap Artist Juice WRLD

The Death of Rising Rap Artist Juice WRLD.

Juice WRLD was a budding rap music artist conquering US charts with heartfelt lyrics. The 21-year old was adding an emotional depth to contemporary hip hop music. But the budding artist’s success was short-lived with his sudden death in December 2021.

What Happened to Juice WRLD?

On December 8, he suffered a medical emergency after landing at Midway International Airport in Chicago. He suffered a seizure and heart attack after the landing of his private jet. He was later declared dead by doctors at a nearby hospital.

After more than a month of his death, the reason behind it was finally revealed. The music artist died from an accidental overdose of codeine and oxycodone. The hip hop artist lost his life only six days after his 21st birthday.

More About the Artist

The Chicago rapper was born Jarad Anthony Higgins in the year 2000. He is primarily known for his hit track “Lucid Dreams”, which occupied the second position in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. The artist collaborated with Travis Scott and the members of Korean band BTS, RM and Suga. His contributions were also visible in the soundtrack of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

Did Juice WRLD Predict His Own Death?

Juice WRLD has been vocal about his struggle with drug addiction in his songs. In “Wishing Well,” he wrote that he wouldn’t be here if he continued to take these pills. He also talked about not making it past 21 in a song titled “Legends.”

Ending Note

The way Juice WRLD’s career was unfurling, he could have made millions out of it. His fan base was also snowballing, and fans were devastated after officially declared the news. Hopefully, his music legacy revolving around the struggle with drug addiction will help others fight their addiction battles.

Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign, a rap music artist from New York, shared the music video for his latest single, “City of Gods.” The black and white music video also features Kanye West and Alicia Keys. The black and white visuals contain a montage of the three artists performing their song.

More About the Music Video

The hit single is a part of the upcoming debut album of Fivio Foreign. The album is titled B.I.B.L.E., in which Kanye West plays the role of an executive producer. “City of Gods” is not the first collaboration between Kanye West and Fivio Foreign. In West’s album “Donda,” Fivio contributed a verse to the song “Off the Grid.”

The hint of the music video in the making was dropped by both Fivio and Alicia Keys on their respective Instagram accounts. They shared different pictures of the trio in all-black outfits. Alicia Keys used the hashtag “BlackFutureMonth” with her post.

The track is opened in full braggadocio mode by the confident Fivio. He pays homage to Pop Smoke, a drill hitmaker who is quite close to Fivio. Keys is seen interpolating the chorus of The Chainsmokers’ “New York City.”

Fivio does not fail to flaunt his influence through the track. Even though he is the ultimate star of the track, Kanye West’s verse can’t be ignored. The standout verse addresses the social media meltdowns and public feuds of the rapper.

Final Thoughts

The music video pays tribute to late rap artist Tahjay Dobson aka T Dott. Dobson, an affiliate of Fivio and Pop Smoke, was shot dead in front of his Brooklyn home. According to music updates, the 22-year old artist signed a deal with Million Dollar Music only a day prior to his death.


Pop Duo Broods Greets Their Listeners to Grieve on Space Island

Broods’ Duo Caleb Nott and Georgia Nott bring forth their tragedies and painful losses through their performances of melody music. Ever since the release of their first album in 2019, they have been covering stories with the warmth of synthpop.

Not lying, grief has been a part of everyone’s life living on this planet. We know that grief is a procedure of covering the losses we go through in our lives. It helps in spurring the growth and introspection of one’s life. It is just the same for the Broods duo.

Siblings Caleb and Georgia have been going through lots of turbulence for a couple of years. They couldn’t figure out how to overcome this entire procedure. So the duo transformed their grief into their new album, Space Island. Soon after their music promotion, they invited listeners to step onto the journey with them together.

Soon after Brood’s third record release in 2019, Georgia experienced a painful divorce. Soon things began falling apart with the inception of the deadly pandemic. She and her sibling started working on Space Island without any hope. But this album has struck both of them deeply on a personal level.

Vocalist Georgia did not know how she would be sharing it with people out there. The duo is truly grateful as the pandemic provided them with the required distance. They could now peacefully talk and work on their project.

Both the siblings are very close to each other. Caleb says that he felt the pain his sister was going through, so he separated from his partner. The pair also conjured some love songs so that they could mourn together.

The pair explains that their creative process of music promotion is unique. They involve many new collaborators, narrowing down the writers and producers’ groups. The album’s music video shows that the duo is wearing futuristic jumpsuits. Georgia says that there are times of grief when you feel you are being flung out of orbit.

This feeling of being alienated has more or less been felt by many. This album will help you recover from the heartbreak and isolation, along with Broods.

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