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Singer Normani opens up about her mother’s breast cancer, which helped in motivating her to release “Wild Side”. In the recent interview with Los Angeles’s Power 106, Normani got a bit personal and talked about the things, which her song Wild Side contains. She also said that she felt pretty lucky when she got to know Cardi B and spoke about embracing her sexuality.

Normani On Her Mother’s Cancer

Normani stated that exploring new music also saved her while her mother was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. She told the host, Bryhana, that she is constantly Facetiming with her mother, who is going through radiation and chemo. Apart from that, Normani also wanted to keep her mom updated about her latest music and how well it was going.

Music undoubtedly helped her overcome all the difficulties and also helped her family through the darkest times of their lives. She declared that this was the 2nd time that her mother had to go through cancer.

The first one took place when she was just 4 years old. But cancer to show up once again and also during the most heightened and pivotal moment of her career made her feel that she needs to “stay at home” or “go back home immediately.” Normani expresses that she feels guilty about not being there with her during such difficult times. But her mother kept pushing her forward and told her to focus on making her music more.

Few Words On Wild Side And Cardi B

While she was going through such a challenging situation, she received a lot of strength and confidence, which helped her in creating her new song. Apart from that, Normani heavily praised Cardi B, who featured on a sensual music video while pregnant with her 2nd child.

She wanted the world to experience her [Cardi B] the way she has and feels lucky to be able to come across such an incredible, kind-hearted, and genuine individual like her. What made her love Cardi B more is that she filmed the music video while being pregnant. Normani’s respect for her grew a lot more than before.

Wrapping Up

Normani told all her fans to wait patiently for her album and also requested to put their complete trust in her. At one point, she declared that she was overthinking, but she is doing her best to create music that will be unique. But to reach that level, she needed a lot of time.

Producer, guitarist, and soul singer Naia Izumi releases his unveiling album, A Residency in Los Angeles Area, which is available on Sony Music Masterworks. Along with his debut, he also released a video for the track Good at Being Lonely. This particular song toils as the centerpiece of his album, and within this track, Izumi’s opulent guitar creates wonderful and soothing music.

Naia claimed that through this song, people would know that he is good at being lonely, and he will be able to guess back at his life. Along with that, Izumi also said that he is an individual who always thinks about himself and doesn’t take people’s opinions. He wants to acquire something by inspecting it from various standpoints and discover the truth somewhere in the middle.

Getting To Know Naia Izumi

Naia Izumi was diagnosed with autism when he was 16-years-old. He boldly claimed that he makes music, which he cannot hear. At a young age, Izumi became riveted with guitars, and the sound that Naia produces through the guitar is the result of his dedicated and life-long training. He used to play for hours until he fully mastered it.

That was Izumi’s primary purpose as he tried to get better and better each day to make something, which he could hear inside his own head. He calls himself a regular individual trying his best to do what he can and is learning to control what he can through his words, music, and vibe.

So, if it helps in connecting him with his fans, it will surely make him happy. Naia dropped out from school at a young age to join the Job Corps and spent five years as an electrician. He then decided to fulfill his dream without any hesitation. He started performing and received many gigs. Izumi also had to carry his equipment for many miles so that he could perform.

Things To Know About His Debut Album

He collaborated with Tony Berg, a well-known producer at the South City Studios, for his debut and brand-new album. He performed with guitars, vocals, cittern, Japanese Koto, bass, mandolin, drums, and many more during the recording at the studios. The album contains the searing solo, Natural Disaster, the simmering funk beat song called Honesty, and the smoky wah of Six-Inch Stilettos.

Summing Up

Naia Izumi has worked hard to release his first-ever album, which contains some of this unique work. It’s a beautiful album that showcases Izumi’s creativity at all levels. Don’t forget to check it out.

MTV used to dominate television before they established the novelty reality formats. Their first-ever broadcast was the footage from the Apollo 11 expedition. Yes, you guessed it right; this was the first spaceflight that helped in landing humans on the moon back in 1969. The flag, which the astronauts placed on the moon’s surface, did not carry the stars and stripes. Instead, it took the brand’s neon sign, and the voiceover was heard that declared: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to rock and roll.

Brief History On MTV And The Moonperson

MTV gained access into pop culture on 1st August 1981 and became entirely indelible for many decades, and so did the Moonperson. This Moonperson is iconic and legendary as it appears on every VMA award since it was launched back in 1984. But on Sunday, MTV did something unique and released a reimagined version of the Moonperson Trophy with vines and flowers.

Kehinde Wiley did this incredible reimagination work. A life-sized replica of it was also created and is placed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre Vision Complex in Cape Canaveral, which is located in Florida. The Moonperson stands out as the extraordinary edition sculpture that features an iridescent façade, which is covered with green and luscious vines. Apart from that, the sculpture carries bright and brilliant pink-shaded florals.

Getting To Know Kehinde Wiley

Wiley is an artist who is well-known for his naturalistic representation that places all the Black subjects within a stylish attire upon patterned backdrops, which carries art-historical perspectives. He is the first-ever Black-American individual to paint a portrait of a U.S. President when condensed Barack Obama.

His work is currently displayed at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. MTV praised Kehinde during their interview with Rolling Stones. They say that his [Wiley] Moon Person figure represents the multifariousness and inclusivity marked by nature, environmental and traditional significances of the botanicals.

T.V. also said that the vines displayed on the sculpture seamlessly flow to the upper area and all around the arms and legs of the statue. Each of the vines carries different past importance, such as one has the seed of African workers, which is intertwined within the American decoration.

Last Words To Share

The reimaged version of MTV’s Moonperson is receiving a lot of attention from people across the world. This is all thanks to Kehinde Wiley’s hard work. The sculpture complements perfectly with the portraits, which he will soon release for the public.

Whenever Megan Thee Stallion gets into the room, she becomes the moment. Every single person turns their heads towards her, and it’s all because she gives out the Queen-Bee aura, and one cannot take their eyes off her. In the weekend, she instantly stole the spotlight at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party just by making an appearance. But what really caught everyone’s eye was the dress she was wearing, which made her stand out a lot more.

At The Illustrated Swimsuit Party

The “Savage” rapper looked breathtaking in a beautiful sheer dress. The dress was encrusted with diamonds, which trailed from her hip to the mid-calf. On the other hand, Megan Thee Stallion is also the first rapper to be gracing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. It pretty much-made sense to outshine everyone present at the party. The celebration took place at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

Comments From Harper Bazaar

It was not just the people at the party who noticed the elegant attire Megan was wearing. Harper Bazaar came forward and stated that she donned the sheer covered and custom-made crystal gown by Natalia Fedner. The gown carried a high slit, which was held together with the gems-adorned threads. Megan wore diamond drop earrings and bold ear cuffs along with glimmering stilettos to complement the gown. Harper Bazaar further said that her hair was spiked and looked pretty sleek, which completed her entire look.

Brief Information On Megan Thee Stallion

The 26-year-old artist made history by becoming the first rapper to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit but also the 2nd artist to do so after Beyonce. Megan is well-known in the industry for collaborating with Beyonce, Cardi B, Normani, etc., and after was announced as the cover feature, she thanked everyone for this special opportunity. Megan Thee Stallion is known for her bold rapping style and carries a unique personality. As a young artist in the music industry, she believes that there is a lot to learn and will surely do so to become better at making music.

Last Words

After her appearance at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party, she quickly became the talk of the town. Her unique and outgoing personality makes Megan stand out among the others. Being one of the best female rappers in the music sector, many people are looking forward to seeing what she has in store in the future.

Collaboration is something that many artists dream of doing with music legends within the industry. Singer MAX also has the same dream and is doing his best to make it come true. In a live interview with AUDACITY’s Bru, MAX shared an exciting story about his correspondence with the legendary singer and songwriter Dolly Parton. MAX claimed that Dolly Parton has always been his No.1 and considers her as his queen.

Small Interaction Between Parton And MAX

MAX expressed that Dolly Parton herself wrote a letter to him after the release of his song Butterflies. After watching Parton’s documentary, he sent the Butterflies to her and quoted: Life is pretty short, so shoot your round. After that, MAX received a letter from Dolly Parton and has framed it in his house. For now, he is currently just manifesting a collab at some point.

On the other hand, MAX expressed that he wrote to Parton through a Notes application, and Dolly sent him a physical letter. MAX believes that the next step would be to send her back a physical letter as well. He declares himself to be one of the biggest supporters of Dolly Parton and also made a shrine dedicated to her at his home.

Other Artists MAX Wishes To Collaborate With

Apart from Dolly Parton, there is another artist with whom he dreams of collaborating as well. It’s none other than the universally popular Dan + Shay. MAX says that he knew Shay for a long time and loves his powerful voice.

He also wishes to create some good music with Dan + Shay in the coming future. On the other hand, he also wants to collaborate with Gabby Barrett. He complimented Gabby by saying that she is currently ruling the country music realm with her beautiful voice.

He is undoubtedly looking forward to doing some collaboration with Gabby as well. The last artist with whom MAX wants to collaborate is Kacey Musgraves. He not only admires Kacey, but it will also enable him to score some major points with his wife because she is his wife’s favorite artist and enjoys her music.

Like all the other artists, MAX also has a dream to collaborate with people he admires and loves. His fans are certainly looking forward to a beautiful yet unique collaboration with any of the artists he mentioned during his live interview.

Whether you believe it or not, the “RUMORS” of a Lizzo song is coming out soon. The Juice hitmaker is releasing her first-ever single in 2 years, and fans are going crazy over it. The GRAMMY winner is all set to release her brand-new single on 13th August 2021. On 1st August 2021, she uploaded a mysterious post on her IG where she quoted: “Don’t even think of liking the post, because you will surely like it tomorrow.”

The following day [2nd August], Lizzo uploads a brand-new promo image of herself, wearing gold-colored Shiaparelli couture earrings and shushing at the camera with her finger. The photo carried a quote that said: NEW ERA BITCH: RUMORS- 8/13. The caption had the name of her upcoming single along with the release date.

Announcement On Lizzo’s Forthcoming Album

Apart from the new single, Lizzo is also preparing her soon-to-made-public album, which she released to a fan in TikTok. Lizzo jokingly commented about the album on TikTok by saying that she will not release any album and turned the camera towards songwriter Phil Lawrence and producer Mark Ronson. Along with that, she also revealed the recording studio in the background.

She jokingly declared that she is not inside any studio and pointed out Mark and said he is “not” Mark Ronson. This was enough for her supporters to realize that Lizzo is working on her brand-new album, two of the best people within the music industry. Many individuals have also speculated that the song RUMORS is also a part of Lizzo’s upcoming album.

Getting To Know Lizzo

The singer has been treating all music lovers with her memorable songs since 2013. Her debut album, Lizzobangers, was a significant success, which enabled her to release another album known as Big Grrrl Small World back in 2015. But in 2019, she received a mainstream breakthrough with her 3rd album, Cuz I Love You, which reached No.4 at the Billboards 200.

On the other hand, her singles, Truth Hurts and Good As Hell, became sleeper hits. Truth Hurts was featured in Netflix’s Someone Great, and the song also helped her achieve a lot of fame. Truth Hurts was in the No.1 position at the Hot 100 making it her first song to reach the first place.


Lizzo is one of the best singers in the music industry today. She is known for her creativity, and her music videos are beautiful, colorful, and unique. Many artists have praised her for her music, and she will surely deliver well with her upcoming album and single.

Yes, it’s official! GRAMMY-winning singer Kurt Elling has released his brand-new track Manic Panic Epiphanic. This is the 2nd song from the new album SuperBlue, released on 8th October 2021 through Edition Records. The 2020 GRAMMY winner’s SuperBlue stands out as a head-turning torrent, which contains indelible beats, all-too-current lyrics, and funk. The album also boasts the talent of guitarist and producer Charlie Hunter and stars from the hip-hop generation keyboardist-bassist DJ Harrison and drummer Corey Fonville. Both Fonville and Harrison belong to the hip-hop band Butcher Brown.

What Is Elling Been Up To?

After he released Manic Panic Epiphanic, he also announced the tour dates where he will perform with many musicians, who will be both guests and headliners. The entire SuperBlue tour will take place during October. Along with that, additional tour dates will be announced next week.

The SuperBlue Album: What Does It Have In-Store?

Kurt is well-known as the Master of Grooves ranging from neo-soul to progressive jazz to pure pop and bebop. He has released so many albums, but none of them contained grooves quite like these. The tracks found in SuperBlue are pretty bountiful and generous. The entire mix is vibrant, which helped create some springboards for some of the vivid songs in Kurt’s career. The brand-new rhythmic playground demonstrates Kurt Elling’s vocal powers, and the arrangement has helped extend Elling’s remarkable range. It also expanded his part as a gifted storyteller.

The SuperBlue Band Tour

Kurt Elling’s SuperBlue Band Tour will be unique and exciting as, for the first time, his fans will get the chance to hear unique and extraordinary music from him. After he officially announced the release of his album, he provided information on the tour dates as well. The tour will begin from 20th July 2021 at 92Y in New York City, New York. He will be performing with Bill Charlap. The last performance, which will mark the end of the SuperBlue tour, will be on 30th October 2021. He will be performing with Germantown Perf. Arts Center in Germantown, Tennessee, with Charlie Hunter.

Summing Up

The upcoming SuperBlue Tour will soon begin, and Kurt Elling is pretty excited to perform live in front of his fans. Even though the world is recovering from the pandemic, he believes that his upcoming album, the new song he released, will surely help him lighten up the mood of everyone. He is loved for the beautiful and unique music he creates, and his soothing voice has helped him create some of the best songs ever.

Organist Joey DeFrancesco has announced that he will be releasing a new album, More Music, on 24th September 2021. The album will be released through Mack Avenue Records and will contain 10 DeFrancesco originals. These originals are brought to life with a scintillating brand-new trio. Being a master organist, Joey has always supplemented his skilled trumpet playing along with keyboard virtuoso. This is something, which his supporters will surely come across in this upcoming album. He also steps up towards the microphone to croon And If You Please by Mario Romano.

Working With Lucas Brown and Michael Ode

For this brand-new album, Joey DeFrancesco is not working alone. Fellow torchbearer of the Philadelphia Organ Jazz Tradition, Lucas Brown also takes up organ duties with the most influential practitioner of his generation. Brown plays his role beautifully, which in return, allows DeFrancesco to focus on his other talents.

Lucas Brown also demonstrates his three-strings wizardry on some of the classic organ-guitar trio songs. On the other hand, Michael Ode plays his role as the drummer and helps in anchoring the trio’s numerous configurations paired up with electrifying grooves and muscular swings.

Getting To Know Joey DeFrancesco

Joey was excited about his upcoming album release and declared that he is all set for some good music. Since the situation has been pretty tricky due to the pandemic, he believes that it’s the right time to get back to music. This period of re-emergence from people’s collective quarantine turned out to be his album release. But this is not the first time where DeFrancesco envisioned his multi-instrumentalism.

For the majority of this career, the trumpet has always been the main feature of his repertoire. It was inspired by his tenure with Miles Davis when he was still a teenager. He made up his mind to try out the tenor 25 years ago, and his grandfather, Joseph DeFrancesco, also played the clarinet and the tenor. His grandad’s horn is still at Joey’s family home in Philly.

Joey expressed that he decided to take out the tenor and play it to see if he can play it by himself. He practiced for two weeks and became a pro. This gave him the confidence to head down Ortlieb’s for a jam session.

Ending Note

Joey DeFrancesco is currently keeping himself busy with this upcoming album. Apart from that, he announced his tour dates as well. DeFrancesco will begin his tour from 29th July 2021 at Rockport Jazz Festival in Rockport, MA, and his last performance will be on 10th December – 11th December 2021 at Jazz Forum in Tarrytown, NY.

After the festival was canceled because of the pandemic in 2020, but now, in 2021, the Hueneme Beach festival will surely occur at Ventura County in California. The event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, which is 28th and 29th August 2021. The admission is free, so people can attend the festival without paying any entry fee. The event will begin at 11 am and end by 7 pm.

What Will The Event Have In-Store?

At the Hueneme Beach Festival, people will get the opportunity to keep themselves entertained by the performance on two different stages. Along with that, there will be many rides and games, which are like the ones you will find in fairs or carnivals. These rides will carry many interesting options, ideal for all age groups, and will stay open after the event ends. There are vendor booths, and many drinks and food products are also available at this particular festival. People can bring their family members, including children, to have a good time.

Who Will Perform?

The main stage at the festival will host many live performances. Some performers like Ozomatli [A Latin-pop band], eight-piece soul and funk group, Diggin Dirt, Thick [veteran rockers], and Arise Roots, a reggae band. You will also get the chance to enjoy some beautiful salsa music from Fausto Cuevas Y La Moderna. The LA-based rock band LAW will perform at the festival, and a blend of local bands from Ventura County will also grace the stage.

What Does Marty Lieberman Have To Say?

All the proceeds from the festival will be provided to REACH. It’s a firm that offers financial support for educational, cultural, and recreational activities within Port Hueneme. Marty Lieberman, the event’s director, said that he is pretty grateful that they were able to conduct a festival this year. He also expressed that every individual is exciting, including the vendors, sponsors, and the bands. He ended his statement by saying that they cannot wait to invite the public back to Port Hueneme once again.

Wrapping Up

The Hueneme Festival is all set to take place at 550E Surfside Dr. in Port Hueneme. It’s a 2-day event, and you are free to attend both days or just one day. Make sure to check out their social media sites to gain more information on the festival. It’s guaranteed you will have a good time with your friends or family members.

Pianist, singer, and Multi GRAMMY winner, Eliane Elias is all set to release a new album, Mirror Mirror. It will be released on Candid Records on 10th September 2021. This stands out as a lifelong dream of Eliane, which finally came true and she will be collaborating with well-known Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes and the late-jazz pianist Chick Corea. All the successful records of Elias have featured her beautiful yet powerful voice along with her piano mastery.

But Eliane’s first love has always been the piano rather than singing, and getting the chance to collaborate with the two most exceptionally talented and legendary pianists is a sporadic opportunity. She also got the chance to record her music through a two-piano setting, which she had never done in her entire career.

What Does the Mirror Mirror Album Have In-Store?

For Elias, this formed assemblage is a lot more than a conclusion of a memorable occupation. The album contains 7 recordings. Eliane has sold around 2.3 million albums in her entire career and has nine Latin GRAMMY and GRAMMY nominations. She also won a Latin GRAMMY for the best Latin JAZZ Album in 2016 and 2017, respectively. But Mirror Mirror stands out as her first piano-only album since Solos and Duets contain six piano duets and solos with Herbie Hancock.

The recording for this particular album took place in Yamaha’s Artist Services in Manhattan, NYC, with Chick Corea. Another recording took place at the Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, with Chucho Valdes. 4 of them feature Chick Corea and three of them as Valdes in it. The production work was done by Eliane and her team of co-producers Steve Rodby and Marc Johnson. All the tracks were mastered and mixed by Rich Breen.

Few Words On Eliane Elias

Eliane was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At 7, she started to receive classical piano studies, and by the age of 12, she began recording solos with fabled jazz masters. When she turned 15, Eliane began jamming and practiced piano at one of Brazil’s most significant music institutes. Her career as a pianist started after 2 years with poet Vinicius de Moraes and Brazilian songwriter and singer Toquinho.

She respects Chick Corea, whom she met in Brazil way back in 1978. Colluding with Corea was a dream come true for her, and Elias was deeply saddened after learning he passed away.

Wrapping Up

Eliane Elias’s new album contains some of the best piano recordings. The singer claimed that the album is all about two pianos facing each other as if mirroring each other and its ideas and thoughts back and forth.

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