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New Artists

Metalhead Jeris Johnson Craves for Blood and Love at the Same Time

Jeris Johnson, a former metalhead turned TikTok musician, focuses on bringing back rock into the future. His debut album, I Want Blood/ I Want Love, has just dropped to mark the beginning.

Musician Jeris Johnson, 25, has just returned after his first tour. He wore a hat with the message of “Make Rock Great Again” encrypted. Johnson also claims himself as the future of rock music in the present day. He believes that rock music has been sticking to the mud for a very long time.

He says that the melody music industry is prevailing, thereby shadowing rock music. This genre of music is not capturing the attention of the younger generation. For this reason, Johnson thinks that it is deteriorating and will eventually vanish. He has released his debut album I Want Blood/ I Want Love, which proves to be the rock fountain of youth.

Jeris was born to musician parents. His mother was a vocalist, whereas his father was a drummer. No wonder the metalhead grew up surrounded by music. He released his earlier covers of rock music dating back to 2000. He posted covers of How You Remind Me by Nickelback and Never Too Late by Three Days Grace on TikTok.

He thinks that TikTok caters as the perfect platform for bringing in the genre of music speedily. Myspace, Tumblr, and various other sites helped the musical industry rise over the last two years. Johnson uses the platform of TikTok as the stage where he gains the confidence of bringing out his larger-than-life persona.

He grew up listening to all the 2000s radio rock, and his covers helped him bring traction to his tracks. Jeris has been influenced and collaborated with Chad Kroeger, Bring Me the Horizon, Oli Sykes, etc. His latest release, I Want Blood/ I Want Love, portrays two of his extreme sides. One side is ready to take charge of the rock scene, while the other is sentimental.

Johnson believes that the dual tone of his album has the probability of surprising his followers. His parent’s constant support has made him gain confidence, and he can’t wait to see what lies ahead. He started playing the piano and drums just at the age of 2.

Jeris has become so ambitious about rock music he wants to set its standard high. He believes that the universe is waiting for him to conjure rock music.

Lokolil is a 21-year old rap music artist who is on the brink of fame. The artist, whose real name is Khalil Durden, hails from Bronx, New York. The young and talented artist has always been fascinated by music. Artists like DMX and Tupac influence his music.


Who Supported Lokolil’s Dream?

His father highly supported Lokolil’s passion for music. The man was an affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan. A tragedy hit Lokolil when his father was found dead in 2021. But the tragedy motivated Lokolil to pursue his and his father’s dream of becoming one of the greatest musicians in the Bronx.

Lokolil decided to turn his life events and childhood memories into something productive. His childhood was shaped by street violence and hardships that influenced his music. He can share impactful stories with the world through his musical talent.

Lokolil has been in the streets and undergone some terrifying experiences. But he did not let dramatic experiences define his identity. He took it as a challenge to rise against what society expected of him. He was committed to learning Bronx Drill, which is undoubtedly one of the breakout eras of the music industry.

Lokolil’s Career

According to music updates, Lokolil’s first music video titled “You Are My High” already has more than 300k YouTube views. His music contains everything that will help him share his stories with the world. His powerful music will help him make a massive name for himself and his family.

Lokolil wants to give his two young kids a wonderful life with the money and fame he receives through music. His fan base is proliferating on the platforms of some of the leading music streaming providers. The young artist is a true enigma in the music industry, making a name for himself after the first release.

saba Chicago rapper

Chicago Rapper Saba

Saba has set the standards of rap music high. Ever since his first album release in 2018, he has always held on to positivity, thereby pushing all the negativity away.

The Chicago-born rapper Saba

has immense dedication towards rap music. Back in 2018, he dropped his sophomore album Care For Me. He combined the album with life, including grief and innocence. His piano-driven compositions made the trademark delivery and focus of the music.

Nevertheless, he was successful in attaining larger audiences. But the rap artist doesn’t want his laurels to be on rest. His other goal was to bring out anti-Care Care For Me. He mentioned that he was happy that his last album was great and successful, but he wouldn’t ruin his upcoming works. Saba wanted to remain focused on the new projects he worked on.


3rd LP from Saba

The third LP of Saba Few Good Things sets a different standard from his earlier works. Fearmonger, the lead single from the album, is more exuberant than the predecessors of the record. Saba believes that this radical change in his music is nothing but his personal growth.

The rapper always goes by the motto “people change.” So he thinks that he is not the same person anymore, he was five years back. Saba knows that his fans have an acute understanding of this change, and he feels pretty comfortable. That works like a blessing, and he feels delighted about the fact.

He also adds that he has been greatly inspired by Gordon Parks’s photographer while creating his album. Saba thinks that each of Gordon’s photographs is fine artwork. His songs convey the right amount of emotion that becomes hard to express physically. And whenever he collaborates with someone, he encourages potential energy.

Saba’s Upcoming Tour

Saba mentions that he is thoroughly excited about his upcoming tour. Saba has great confidence within himself, and he thinks he can deliver a smacking performance.

He believes that he is taking the right step to provide the art of rap music.

Featured Rap Artist by Melody Music.  A Hip Hop and R&B music news resource.

The legendary J-Pop superstar provides music updates about their first-ever bilingual album and feeling like an outlander

Hiraku Utada’s new music album Bad Mode caters to self-reflection and finds the superstar looking in the mirror. Utada mentions that their eighth studio album intricately emphasizes acceptance, growing up, self-love and self partnering. It is also about advancing the relationship with themself along with other people. The music was all enthralling with the combination of Utada’s soulful voice and glossy jazzy electronica.

Utada says they wrote all the songs during the prevailing pandemic, which helped discover their strength. Even though the groovy album portrays personal desires and behaviors, it also reflects their dynamic one-on-one relationship. The J-Pop star also mentioned that the new album’s songs helped them discover various things that they can do for themself.

Utada’s first three music albums were amongst the top 10 bestsellers in japan. They released their debut album – First Love, in 1999 at the age of 15, and it is Japan’s best selling album to date.

The J-Pop superstar made across millions of buildings and billboards of Japan, as the face of campaigning brands like Nintendo DS, Pepsi, and Shiseido. They also supplied music for many anime, TV shows and video games.

“Hikki”, a nickname given by Utada’s fans, received mega-stardom in Japan and spread voraciously across the globe. They had English speaking fan followings soon after the music of the video game Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002.

Utada collaborated with Skrillex and Poo Bear in 2019 for skittering the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III. It was their first track ever to make it to the Billboard Hot 100 – a rare achievement by a Japanese artist after almost 60 years.

They also teamed up with Pharrell Williams and Foxy Brown for the “Blow My Whistle” track from Rush Hour 2. Utada’s six-year-old son made his debut in “Kibunja Naino”.

Bad Mode features songs with both English and Japanese lyrics and a single in the English language called “Find Love”. Utada mentions that the album had just happened and was not planned. They also mentioned that since they speak both English and Japanese, the album should have initiated both.

Last year Utada came out as a nonbinary in the pride month on Instagram live. The huge announcement stalled the conservative values of the Japanese music industry and beyond, and Utada was glad to see their reactions to the revelation.

Utada’s historical debut album will mark its 25th anniversary next year. Despite being immensely successful, they mentioned they felt like an outsider, and Utada believes that they built their identity around being an outsider.

The J-Pop superstar believes that music is all about art to imagine and express their true self. Utada says that, regardless of language, country and gender, if other people do not let others feel they belong, they can be outsiders together.

New R&R Artists

After Writing No.1 Hits For Many Pop Artists, It’s Nija’s Turn To Shine


Nija Charles is not getting enough sleep these days. Her life has become packed up as she goes through all the sessions with the artists she is producing and penning tracks and has gone through many business meetings. The NJ-born songwriter and producer is busy and booked.

Nija is known to create melody music along with some hip-hop and pop. Her resume boasts platinum tracks, which have been written and produced for artists like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and Ty Dolla Signs. She has become an in-demand and popular songwriter in the industry.

She has been working behind the scenes in the music-making world, and now Nija decided to make her debut with her EP, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You. The EP was released on January 28the, 2022. Before her EP was released, she received messages from all the antsy fans demanding some music updates on her project.

Some of them even went way ahead and made threats to her life. [Given the condition of Twitter Stan, which she sometimes skulks, this might not be a joke]. She also had studio sessions with the London on da track producers Chole Bailey and Omer Fedi. Nija claims how happy she was that she went. Her day was not going that well, but she made two cool tracks after the session.

Taking a look at the past

Nija claims that she got into songwriting “accidentally .”She always wanted to be a music producer. After getting good grades back in middle school, her mother bought a keyboard as a reward.

She learned how to make unique beats after observing her uncle and aunt, music producers; they crafted beautiful instrumental sounds through programs such as Logic Pro. When she was in high school and partly in college, Charles uploaded all her beats on SoundCloud. She hoped that a label or an artist would notice her work.

Ending Words

Nija has worked hard to achieve her dream to become a music producer and a songwriter. Now, she is giving herself the opportunity, not as a songwriter or a music producer, but as a singer. Make sure to check out her music on Spotify, YouTube, and various other platforms.



Lauren Dukes will release her debut EP on September 2. Her self-titled EP is a calling card for an artist ready to give a breakthrough performance. Along with this announcement, she also revealed her new video for “Closure.” The video for this song will be a live session one. At its core, “Closure” is about things we want but cannot have. Duke mentioned how closure is something we all want, but it is difficult to get. Let’s know more about her new EP. 

The Self-titled Debut EP

The upcoming EP of Lauren Dukes will consist of 5 songs. All the songs follow a familiar pattern of storytelling. Faith is the foundation of the album. But it also includes a combination of jazz, blues, soul and R&B music. Faith will help in coming together with all the other genres. Dukes has explained her writing process in an interview. She begins by asking a question to God, the universe, and then herself. She asks God and the universe what message she is supposed to deliver. Later, she asks herself how she wants to express the message.

The band of Lauren Dukes has handled the production of this project. The band comprises talented individuals who play a crucial role in making each of her songs. The lead single of the EP “Hectic Love Week” was released earlier this year. The song is based on a relatable topic. It is about couples who break up frequently and then get back together. We all know a couple like this, or maybe we are in one such relationship. The song is inspired by a friend of Lauren who has been in one such relationship. She wrote this song with her friend’s permission at Sutton Music Co., owned by Andy Sutton. 

The song features A. Latavius Mulac from Nashville on the keys. Kirk Garrison plays the trumpet with Shawn Maxwell on the saxophone. Her commitment towards her craft has been demonstrated well in the single. She puts her whole heart into whatever she does. She wants everyone to feel better after listening to her songs. Music has the power of healing, and she feels blessed to contribute something towards it. 

Wrapping Up

The live session music videos will be released every Wednesday before the release date of the album. Meanwhile, you can stream the first song of the love on platforms offered by music streaming providers


Singer Jade Bird

Jade Bird is one of the most interesting young artists of today. She is a very unique performer, and she always manages to blend the country melodies of her songs with her roots in the UK. An Army kid, Bird spent most of her childhood in Wales, Germany, and England. She started writing and performing songs from a very small age. The Austin-based singer released an album called Jade Bird, that encapsulated her growth and transformation during her performance tours.

She went to the well-known RCA Studios in Nashville, which was frequented by artists such as Garth Brooks, Don Williams, and The Oak Ridge Boys. At the RCA Studios, she booked time with well-known music producer Dave Cobbs, who worked on the Critics’ Choice winner A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Bird worked with Cobbs to produce a new album and new songs – moving into the realm of a crossover between American country music and rock.

Together, Bird and Cobbs have come up with her second album, appropriately titled Different Kinds of Light. This beautiful album is all set to be released on August 13. It is a very unique offering, since it is essentially a Britpop album that is defined by some hallmarks of Americana. It is only 43 minutes long – but it consists of 15 beautiful songs. At only 23 years old, Bird’s voice betrays a maturity that far exceeds that of her age.

Jade Bird

Jade Bird was only 14 years old when she recorded a demo song in the bathroom of her friend. This recording landed her a trip to the Catskills in New York, where she got a chance to sing and riff with Simone Felice. Felice is the founding member of The Felice Brothers, and is one of the all-time greats in the world of country and Americana music. She also released her first EP in 2017, which she called Something American.

When Bird recorded Jade Bird before its release in 2019, her recording sessions were very disjointed and weird. She only got a chance to record songs in between concert appearances and public performances. She knew that she needed a better and healthier approach for Different Kinds of Light, which is exactly why she decided to team up with Dave Cobbs. The sessions began in Nashville and ultimately ended up with Bird having to completely relocate all the way to Austin.


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