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The SRG-ILS Group Collaborates with Saxophonist Mike Phillips for Launching the New Jazz Record Label Keep It Moving Music.


The renowned and award-winning saxophonist Mike Philips has partnered with The SRG-ILS Group to begin a new project. The music updates state that the new project will create a new Jazz record label.

Mike Phillips’s debut project You Have Reached Mike Phillips will soon be marking the 20th year of its anniversary. The renowned saxophonist believed that it was time already to steer his path and focus on something new. So he decided on conjuring a path of the new generation of music enthusiasts.

Teaming up with SRG-ILS Group was the perfect idea he could ever come up with. Claude Villani, founder and CEO of SRG, is a musician and producer. And SRG’s infrastructure has been knitted in such a way that it remains deeply seated for the true love for music. So Claude believes that working with Phillips can help them grow and maintain the integrity of the music.

Phillips has witnessed multiple shifts throughout his musical journey. No wonder he is known as the most hardworking person in the industry. He has magnificently endured all the changes that impeded his path so far. The musician has reinvented wherever required and consistently pushed ways towards progress.

Keep It Moving Music, as Mike says, will cater as the platform for all the young jazz artists.This largest record label is ready to work with anyone who is very passionate about their growth in music. They will also extend their welcoming arms to those willing to learn the dynamics of the music business and work hard.

Mike also reveals that all the artists eager to partner with KIMM will be mentored and educated by artists on the SRG roster. When contemporary jazz has become a sink of cultural appropriation, Phillips wants to serve it. He believes all the leading jazz artists are responsible for the energy delivered to the music space.

The Death of Rising Rap Artist Juice WRLD

The Death of Rising Rap Artist Juice WRLD.

Juice WRLD was a budding rap music artist conquering US charts with heartfelt lyrics. The 21-year old was adding an emotional depth to contemporary hip hop music. But the budding artist’s success was short-lived with his sudden death in December 2021.

What Happened to Juice WRLD?

On December 8, he suffered a medical emergency after landing at Midway International Airport in Chicago. He suffered a seizure and heart attack after the landing of his private jet. He was later declared dead by doctors at a nearby hospital.

After more than a month of his death, the reason behind it was finally revealed. The music artist died from an accidental overdose of codeine and oxycodone. The hip hop artist lost his life only six days after his 21st birthday.

More About the Artist

The Chicago rapper was born Jarad Anthony Higgins in the year 2000. He is primarily known for his hit track “Lucid Dreams”, which occupied the second position in the Billboard Hot 100 in 2018. The artist collaborated with Travis Scott and the members of Korean band BTS, RM and Suga. His contributions were also visible in the soundtrack of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

Did Juice WRLD Predict His Own Death?

Juice WRLD has been vocal about his struggle with drug addiction in his songs. In “Wishing Well,” he wrote that he wouldn’t be here if he continued to take these pills. He also talked about not making it past 21 in a song titled “Legends.”

Ending Note

The way Juice WRLD’s career was unfurling, he could have made millions out of it. His fan base was also snowballing, and fans were devastated after officially declared the news. Hopefully, his music legacy revolving around the struggle with drug addiction will help others fight their addiction battles.

Jarad Anthony Higgins

The talented rap music artist Juice WRLD lost his life on Dec 8, 2021. The tragic incident happened only six days after his 21st birthday. The real name of the talented musician was Jarad Anthony Higgins.

What Happened to the Talented Musician?

After landing at the Midway International Airport in Chicago, the singer suffered a medical emergency. He suffered a seizure after his landing. The law enforcement sources revealed that the rap artist was bleeding from his mouth.

He was pronounced dead after he was brought in at a nearby hospital. The doctors at the hospital treated him for an hour while trying to steady his heartbeat. Over a month after his death, it was announced that the artist died from an accidental drug overdose.

Tributes Kept Pouring in for the Musician

Several eminent figures from the music world expressed their grief after his death. Camila Cabello was one of the first to offer her condolences after the news of Juice WRLD’s death.

Lil Nas X posted a tweet for the budding artist. He expressed his disappointment that so many young and talented artists are losing their lives. DJ Zane Lowe revealed that he found Juice WRLD gifted and thoughtful artist.

The DJ said that the music of Juice WRLD was impacting millions. He also revealed that he always wanted to Juice WRLD in person. He could not contain his grief that the meeting wouldn’t be possible anymore.

Ending Note

The illustrious career of Juice WRLD was sky-rocketing. His songs blended rap and melody music. “Lucid Dreams” was one of his iconic releases, occupying the second position in US Billboards. After his death, fans could not help but notice his song “Legends,” which talked about the artist not making it past 21 years.


Almost everyone believes that the Korean Culture Festival began on a hunch. Founders, artists, and fans contemplate how the Korean Culture Festival grew rapidly.

July 2019 had witnessed the biggest craze for South Korean pop melody music. New York’s Madison Square Garden and Jacob K. Javits Convention Center were filled with rapturous electric thumps for two days. There was a footfall of about 55000 fans that massively kicked off the stateside trek of KCON.

KCON is the first Korean culture festival that catered to conventions during the daytime and concerts during the night. This was a golden opportunity for all the K-pop fans to connect with the stars and influencers.

Before this, the Prudential Center of the annual convention was in Newark, New Jersey. The spaces within would allow the fans to walk through freely. Some installations were larger than life from Korean brands like – Bibigo, Kakao Friends, and Innisfree. The fans sang along, cheered, and screeched while they kept on waving luminous lightsticks.

Within ten years, KCON became the largest hub for Korean pop culture. The international spread also has a name – The Hallyu wave. Its evolution runs parallel with the inflation of the K-Pop music industry. But today, K-pop music is far more accessible than anything else.

All the singles by BTS have infiltrated the Billboard 200 charts and have been added to the radio play worldwide. Initially, the KCON landscape was entirely different from what it is now. Psy’s Gangnam Style became the most sensational song, and it was listed at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The former head of KCON and vice president of CJ Entertainment and Media says that it feels like a million years. He also mentioned that he always believed there were massive K-pop fans worldwide. All they needed was a field to prove it.

So by creating a U.S.-style cultural festival, they can now celebrate K-pop. The first KCON was held on 13th October 2012 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in Irvine, California. Nevertheless, some accidents have been reported, and KCON implemented stricter safety protocols in their event in the following years.

From 2020, K-pop has led the music industry through its online gatherings and virtual concerts. They have not stopped cheering up and winning the hearts of millions even during the epidemic. Their massive music promotion has made the world of KCON even more colorful.

Take Me Home

Rami Yacoub and Carl Falk are the co-writers of the Take Me Home Album. They contemplate how the music album acts as the cornerstone of the band members’ solo music promotion.

2012 was a groundbreaking year for the biggest hits, artists, and cultural movements in pop music. Before 2010, the screaming fanatics of boy bands were almost barren. Forerunners like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys broke up and were not in the news anymore.

One Direction members – Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson, individually auditioned on The X Factor (U.K.). They were given the task of practicing and performing covers in a group by sharing the spotlight. And just within a few months, they successfully attracted millions of audience, thereby increasing their fan following.

Simon Cowell formed one Direction, and he also signed them up with the largest record label – Syco Records. The five band members and other songwriters and pop producers released their debut album Up All Night in 2011.

Most of the songs of the album were inspired by melody music producers. Singers Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk, and Savan Kotecha helped make the album’s hit song What Makes You Beautiful. This trio has previously worked with boy bands like Westlife, Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC. Kelly Clarkson, Jamie Scott, and Steve Mac also had outstanding contributions to the album.

All the crew members also participated gladly in their second album, Take Me Home, in 2012. And that is when Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall’s music interests escalated. They learned to write songs on their own, play instruments and produce melody music.

Songwriter Yacoub explains that their only motivation to set the five together was to craft the finest pop music. However, the individual members of One Direction were thirsty to craft their songs. Falk says that there was an excellent probability of the five members to explore entirely new aspects.

Songs Last First Kiss and Back for You from the album Take Me Home had song credits of all five. After their breakout in 2012, the boy band found themselves rewriting their script. Niall Horan would spend almost the entire day learning the guitar from Falk. At the same time, Liam Payne studied the whole process of creation. On the other hand, Harry Styles grew interested in learning how to write songs.

Falk and Yacoub recall that songs were being brought to them just a decade ago. But now, they have their unique musical visions. Horan has wholly embraced the roots of being an individual songwriter. Malik also gained popularity when he collaborated with Timbaland and Kehlani.

However, Tomlinson and Payne took some time to carve their personal space in the music industry. And lastly, Harry Styles gained the ultimate momentum to become the breakout star of One Direction.

Falk says that their songs will carry on their legacy as a boy band. Repenting, he adds, it becomes demanding to find them as an actual boy band.

Notorious B.I.G Box Set Release

Music Album Life After Death From the Box Set of the Notorious B.I.G. is Ready to Release

The deluxe reissue, marking the 25th anniversary of the sophomore music album, is set forth to release on 10th June this year.

Christopher Wallace’s Estate has revealed that there will be a reissuing of the sophomore album. The super deluxe box set of the Notorious B.I.G.’s sophomore album Life After Death from 1997 will drop soon. The reissue will take place as Complex notes.

The due date has been set to 10th June 2022, through Rhino, Bad Boy, and Atlantic Records. The deluxe box set will contain the original album entirely. It will also have twelve releases of Sky’s the Limit, Hypnotize, Mo Money Mo Problems, and Nasty Boy.

The best part about the box is that it will contain a memorial booklet with some rare photos. It will also have liner notes by Sheldon Pearce, a contributor to Pitchfork. Additionally, it will have commentaries from team members who have worked on the original album’s release. Undoubtedly their music promotion knows no bounds.

The box set of Life After Death is a part of the celebration in honor of Biggie Smalls’ 50th birth anniversary. Sky’s the Limit: A Year Celebrating the Legacy of the Notorious B.I.G. will also include something different. It will consist of the amplified digital version of Life After Death. There will also be additional online events, a 4k video catalog on YouTube, and other surprises.

Notorious B.I.G., back in 2020, was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Diddy. Artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and other family members of Notorious B.I.G. honored the late rapper.

Notorious B.I.G. has had an outstanding contribution to rap music. Netflix holds on to the artist’s early life story, where he ascended to the superstardom of rap music. The documentary has been named Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell.


The Latest Work of Nas

Even though Nas released an album last year, the rap music artist has seemed inactive in the music industry for a long time. In The Latest Work of Nas, the artist of Queensbridge has a career ranging up to 25 years. His latest album, “The Lost Tapes II”, has been a long-awaited sequel.


More About the Album

The sequel arrived almost two decades after the original. It can be viewed as a nostalgic and vanity project on behalf of the artist. The album probably holds too much about the feud between Jay-Z and Nas.

The expectations placed by fans on Nas have been addressed from the first tract of the album. The first track, “No Bad Energy”, follows a rhythm mimicking the momentum of start and stop. He is seen rapping over the choir chair of a boy.

Another track in the album, “Jerreau of Rap,” is nothing like Madonna’s attempt at grasping different music trends from the past. It is the kind of track that can be heard on the corner of a street in New York. The track “Tanasia” appreciates Japanese culture in dignified instrumentation. It is another standout track in the album despite the well-intended verse of Nas conforming even more to stereotypes.

The album also does not fail to include some poignant moments in it. Nas is seen missing his son in the track “Queensbridge Politics.” He is also seen remembering the golden eras of hip hop music. Nas displays his regret over keeping some feuds unresolved. He is also seen pondering upon the burden created by responsibilities at various stages of life.

Ending Note

The album is not predictable and shows that Nas didn’t lose his charm. It feels like an artist falling in love with hip hop culture once again and reveals it in the most satisfying and joyous way.

The Lost Tapes II

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Megan Thee Stallion Sues the Label

1501 Certified Entertainment: Megan Thee Stallion Sues the Label for the Third Time


Megan Thee Stallion, the rap music artist from Houston, has sued 1501 Certified Entertainment again. Her allegations revolved around the label preventing her from fulfilling her contract. She is expecting a ruling that will declare “Something for Thee Hotties” as an album according to the legal definition.


What’s the Lawsuit All About?

The artist released “Something for Thee Hotties” in November 2021. It contained a collection of B-sides and singles under original production. Unlike her mixtapes, it includes the artist rapping over beats from other artists.

In the lawsuit, Megan Thee Stallion claimed that 1501 Certified Entertainment revealed: “Something for Thee Hotties” under the legal definition of an album. Therefore, the label is claiming that she has not fulfilled the “Minimum Recording Commitment” in her contract signed with them.

The artist put forward that only the runtime can serve as a legal parameter to define an album as per the contract terms. The contract reveals the runtime to be at least 45 minutes, while “Something for Thee Hotties” is 45 minutes 2 seconds long. She wants a non-monetary declaratory judgment stating that the record meets the legal definition of an album.

Why Did She Make the Previous Allegations Against the Label?

Her first allegation against the label was in 2020. She lamented that the label is not allowing her to release her new latest music. She admitted that she did not understand the contract when she signed it. The label disagreed to make any negotiations about the agreement later.

Megan Thee Stallion sued the label and demanded the termination of her contract.

She won the first lawsuit, which allowed her to drop her album. She sued the company once again in 2021. Once again, the artist was provided with an injunction.

Megan Thee Stallion Sues the Label

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The legendary J-Pop superstar provides music updates about their first-ever bilingual album and feeling like an outlander

Hiraku Utada’s new music album Bad Mode caters to self-reflection and finds the superstar looking in the mirror. Utada mentions that their eighth studio album intricately emphasizes acceptance, growing up, self-love and self partnering. It is also about advancing the relationship with themself along with other people. The music was all enthralling with the combination of Utada’s soulful voice and glossy jazzy electronica.

Utada says they wrote all the songs during the prevailing pandemic, which helped discover their strength. Even though the groovy album portrays personal desires and behaviors, it also reflects their dynamic one-on-one relationship. The J-Pop star also mentioned that the new album’s songs helped them discover various things that they can do for themself.

Utada’s first three music albums were amongst the top 10 bestsellers in japan. They released their debut album – First Love, in 1999 at the age of 15, and it is Japan’s best selling album to date.

The J-Pop superstar made across millions of buildings and billboards of Japan, as the face of campaigning brands like Nintendo DS, Pepsi, and Shiseido. They also supplied music for many anime, TV shows and video games.

“Hikki”, a nickname given by Utada’s fans, received mega-stardom in Japan and spread voraciously across the globe. They had English speaking fan followings soon after the music of the video game Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002.

Utada collaborated with Skrillex and Poo Bear in 2019 for skittering the theme song for Kingdom Hearts III. It was their first track ever to make it to the Billboard Hot 100 – a rare achievement by a Japanese artist after almost 60 years.

They also teamed up with Pharrell Williams and Foxy Brown for the “Blow My Whistle” track from Rush Hour 2. Utada’s six-year-old son made his debut in “Kibunja Naino”.

Bad Mode features songs with both English and Japanese lyrics and a single in the English language called “Find Love”. Utada mentions that the album had just happened and was not planned. They also mentioned that since they speak both English and Japanese, the album should have initiated both.

Last year Utada came out as a nonbinary in the pride month on Instagram live. The huge announcement stalled the conservative values of the Japanese music industry and beyond, and Utada was glad to see their reactions to the revelation.

Utada’s historical debut album will mark its 25th anniversary next year. Despite being immensely successful, they mentioned they felt like an outsider, and Utada believes that they built their identity around being an outsider.

The J-Pop superstar believes that music is all about art to imagine and express their true self. Utada says that, regardless of language, country and gender, if other people do not let others feel they belong, they can be outsiders together.

Exploring the Bop Shop: Checking Out Songs from Stromae, Orville Peck and Many More

Bop Shop offers some of the best quality music from all genres. Whether you want some hip hop or something related to pop, and metal, you surely find something that you will like. Here, we will look at some of the songs that MTV News picks out. These songs are:

1.   BamBam feat Seulgi: “Who Are You.”

GOT7’s BamBam came back with his song Who Are You, a pop and mid-tempo ballad. The song features Seulgi from Red Velvet, who is a fan favorite. Their collaboration helped deliver sultry and strong vocals, which effortlessly melts together over the acoustic-mix track. The song helped highlight the talents of both Seulgi and BamBam and how brilliant they sound together.

2.   Stromae: L’Enfer

Belgian composer, singer, and songwriter Paul Van Haver, well-known as Stromae, released his new track, L’Enfer, at a French news program. Stromae also released a powerful and unique music video. Hell or L’Enfer displays the artist’s mental health in a Francophone realm and displays the feelings of depression and anxiety. In his interview, Stromae provided some insights into the dichotomy of his dark lyrics and joyful beats. He said that there are both joyful and difficult moments, and there is no low without high and high without low.

3.   Orville Peck: Dead of Night

The premiere of Season 2 of Euphoria brings in the sultry cut from the country-pop and masked singer Orville Peck right back to life. Peck’s song “Dead of Night” is a standout of the EP, Show Pony, released in 2019. Dead of Night seethes with desire, and it tints an atmospheric depiction of a debaucherous night at a town with a bad-boy lover. The song’s feature on the hit teen drama accords with a terrifying storyline.

Wrapping Up

Bop Shop offers some of the best music that many individuals like listening to. Make sure to check out the Bob Shop to enjoy “YOUR STYLE” music anytime and from anywhere.



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