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Currently, Young Thug is ruling the pop-punk wave as he performs four brand new songs, including the rock version of Ski. Young Thug is known as one of the most-busiest men within the music industry as he constantly features in some of the biggest albums within the rap world. He did all of these activities while making his own music and while running a style imprint.

His supporters are always insisting on new and unique music from this Atlanta-based artist, and for the past several months, he has been teasing his fans with Slime Language 2 along with the Punk rumors. Even though Punk will be his brand-new album, Slime Language 2 will be a compilation with other YSL [Young Stoner Live Records] artists.


Performing 4 New Songs Punk Release Announcement

Young Thug made it official and announced the release dates of Punk during his NPR Tiny Desk Concert, where he also performed four of his new tracks. Young Thug’s performance was declared on Monday, where videos of him were released performing the rock-tinged version of Ski, which features Travis Barker. On the other hand, the concert is live, and it stands out to be a lot more exciting and unique.

Young Thug painted the town pink with his new songs, Droppin Jewels, Tick Tock, Die Slow and Hate The Game. Apart from that, Young Thug officially told the entire world that he is releasing his album, Punk, on 15th October 2021. Previously, he also released the #1 album, So Much Fun, along with his #1 compilation, Slime Language 2. Also, he hinted at the release date of Punk uniquely by pointing at the date, which was at the back of his T-shirt.

Few Words On The NPR Tiny Desk Concert

He didn’t just perform with Travis Barker at the concert, but also with the band Damnage Gooods. This took place days after he ended the Rolling Loud with an electrifying and outstanding performance. Interested individuals are free to watch the concert on YouTube as it has the complete recording of the show.

Ending Note

Young Thug never fails to surprise and impress his fans with music, and his supporters call him pure hip hop. He always creates something unique and extraordinary, which people will love listening to. Many of his fans are currently looking forward to the release of Punk in September. Young Thug doesn’t just have the power to sell out all his albums, but he also keeps it original, just like his other projects.

When it comes to Lollapalooza, it’s pretty much like a homecoming for English singer Billy Idol. He headlined the first-ever Lollapalooza back in 2005 in Grant Park. Now, he finally returned after 16 long years, and this time, he will not be alone. He will grace the stage with another well-known figure, Miley Cyrus. Many of the individuals thought that Idol and Cyrus are pretty odd pairing. But there is a massive reason behind it, and Billy Idol spilled the beans behind his collaboration with the Wrecking Ball hitmaker.

What Does Billy Idol Have To Say Over His Collab With Miley?

Billy Idol expressed his thoughts by saying that he did a song with the young singer last year for her album, Plastic Hearts. The song is called Night Crawling and is produced by Andrew Watt. During an interview with Audacity’s Ryan Arnold, Billy also revealed that he was partially listening to Post Malone, which instantly made him realize that Andrew Watt can pull out both rock n roll and modern music. Producers who can create all types of music are something Billy Idol likes working with.

How Idol Ended Up In Lollapalooza?

Andrew told him that she wants to do a Billy Idol song. After that, Watt met up with Billy on this particular collaboration, and he certainly didn’t hesitate to say yes. Furthermore, Idol collaborated with Miley for the song, and it came out way better than Billy expected. He liked the song a lot and decided to perform it live at Lollapalooza with Miley Cyrus.

Billy Idol: A Bit Of Background Check

The legendary singer released his last album way back in 2014. But he did provide many hints that he has many brand-new materials in-store, which he will surely share with his support. Apart from that, Idol also said that he is already getting ready to release an EP called Roadside, which will come out in September, along with a song, Bitter Taste, that will be released on August 11, 2021. The English singer says Bitter Taste will be an influential track as it was inspired by a deadly motorcycle accident that he experienced.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration between Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol will undoubtedly occur at the upcoming Lollapalooza at Grant Park in Chicago. Fans are waiting patiently to see two legendary artists perform side-by-side on the same stage.

A whole day is about to begin for The Weekend. The Starboy hitmaker, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, uploaded a tweet on 1st August 2021, which stated, “F*** it!! It Begins Tonight”. After that, he moved on further to show a 2-minute video track, and the song’s title will be released soon. The video starts with a camera that pans over the ocean horizon towards a blazing red-orange colored sky.

In the background, people could hear pulsing synths being played. Then, there are some specks of light, which can be seen in the video flying away in the sky, and the sun rises from the horizon, getting more prominent as the camera keeps growing closer. A massive beam of light concludes the entire video, where Abel signs, Take My Hand.

Dropping Hints On The New Album

During the Billboards Music Awards, held in May 2021, The Weekend already provided a bit of a hint on his upcoming album. He won 10 awards at the BMA, and during his acceptance speech, The Weekend says, “the Afterhours is over, and a new dawn is on its way.”

He also won an award for his Binding Lights single. Apart from that, he didn’t just use the word “DAWN” at the BMA, but it was pretty visible at all his interviews. This has made many of his fans theorize that he is currently working on a new album.

The speculations were true after all when Tesfaye [The Weekend] declared at the interview with GQ that a brand-new album is on its way. He also said that it’s an album, which he always wanted to create.

He also discussed the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, where he didn’t receive any nominations even when all his songs topped the charts. The Weekend claimed that he didn’t receive a GRAMMY because the Recording Academy believes his work was not good according to their standards.

This is something with which he wholeheartedly disagrees and will continue to boycott the awards. Abel also said that everyone told him to do better next time and replied that he would do better but not for others but only for himself.

Ending Note

The weekend is all set to release his brand-new album, and the teaser was outstanding. Many fans are super excited to see what the Binding Lights hitmaker has in-store for them this time. Despite being very disappointed for not winning a GRAMMY, he will surely move forward and produce music that enables them to win awards.

In this modern world, rappers are more sincerely commenting on their health and medical condition. This stands out as a shift from what used to happen earlier, and that is helping in highlighting the complicated history of hip hop with medical health.

Rapper Freeway On His Kidney Failure

Way back in 2015, Freeway suffered from kidney failure, and the members of his group warned him not to divulge the news in public. Freeway himself recalled his memory where his members told him not to post the matter on the internet and keep the matter between themselves. But he didn’t listen at all. The only thing his members wanted from him was to not feel weak and hide it from everyone because he is a celebrity.

Freeway told NBC News that many people out there felt that he should not be so open about such personal matters and let others know what’s going on. His Instagram posts showed the ups and downs of his life while battling kidney failure. He underwent four hours of dialysis, which was three days per week, along with various doctor’s appointments.

The 42-year-old rapper went through a kidney transplant in 2019 and has been recovering since then.


Rick Ross Speaks Out About The Seizures He Experienced

Apart from Freeway, rapper Rick Ross also shared his story on his medical conditions. For the past several years, the rapper was constantly experiencing seizures. He commented about it in public interviews and how he is coping with his health and has invested $1 million on Jetdoc, a Florida-based telehealth business.

Medical Health In Hip Hop Culture

A rapper’s medical struggles always stood out as a norm within hip-hop culture. Freeway mentioned that during the 90s and early 2000s, the majority of the rappers were Black men. He also added by saying these rappers wanted to make it look like nothing can affect them, as if they were pretty unbeatable and didn’t want to show any weaknesses.

Within an industry like hip hop, things like financial struggles, health issues, and relationship woes can make the most beloved artist a joke. For this reason, only some of them batted an eye when the late rapper Tupac joked about Prodigy’s sickle cell anemia, which he mentioned in his diss track Hit ‘Em Up. The diss track is one of the most famous tracks from the 1996 Bad Boy Records because it was the most disrespectful and caustic diss of all time.


The complexities with health issues has been seen throughout the history of the hip-hop industry. Many well-known and famous rappers have become more careful these days to keep themselves in good health. Some of them have opened up Juice Bars, and others have opened up natural health stores.

T.I. Shows Support To DaBaby For His Homophonic Rant At Rolling Loud

DaBaby not only chose his side during the whole violent incident between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion, but he also left some homophobic and sexism within his comments. T.I, on the other hand, fully supported his statement and commented that he “spoke his truth”. The words sprayed out by DaBaby have not impressed many individuals in the industry.

George M Johnson Calling Out DaBaby

DaBaby’s comments were not taken lightly by award-winning author George M Johnson. He called out the rapper’s unnecessary and disrespectful statement. Johnson uploaded a tweet in which he said, “A celibate and homophobic rant topped with a distressing HIV comment so that you can scheme the feeble image of manliness? Trash!!”.

Johnson continued by saying, Misogyny kills. Homophobia kills. Many individuals lose their lives for such reasons. He also said that this is not something where everyone has time to wait for straight Black men to GROW out of it. This must end immediately. On the HIV part, he said that Weaponizing HIV/AIDS had killed millions of Black people globally.

Johnson also said that HIV is dangerous and harmful and STILL on the epidemic levels for LGBTQ and Black women. He was displeased with DaBaby’s comment and ended his words by saying that many individuals feel discouraged and unhappy because of such shaming and impolite eloquence.

T.I Showing Support To DaBaby

Because of the backlash, DaBaby started to receive for his comments, both T.I defended themselves by explaining the actual behind the words he said. T.I. compared the rant with Lil Nas X’s track Industry Baby. He said that if people can have Lil Nas X’s video and him living the truth, then people like DaBaby and their comments should exist as well. He didn’t say anything wrong, and he spoke the truth, stated T.I.

But DaBaby claimed that his statement was not a rant as he labeled it as a “call to action”. He stated that his gay fans are not nasty because they have class and know how to take care of themselves. But the 2-minuted unjustified follow-up took the rapper way more-deeper into the hole.

Final Thoughts

DaBaby’s comments were something that didn’t gain a good impression among his fans and other people. Even with the support from T.I., people didn’t support his statement. The majority of the people have already muted the rapper, and an apology is still pending from his side. Now, people can only wait patiently to hear what DaBaby has to say.

After Fenty Beauty gained a lot of recognition worldwide, Rihanna has expanded the way people see and approach makeup and cosmetics. Rihanna’s makeup collection contains a diverse range of shades enabling everyone to find makeup products that will perfectly match their skin texture and tone. Currently, the singer is gearing up to release her Fenty Fragrance, which he claims to be confident, carnal, and sexy.

Posting Hints For The Upcoming Fenty Fragrance

The singer posted a cryptic yet mysterious video clip on her Fenty Beauty IG account. The video clip showed a glowing fragrance bottle, and after that, the recording ends. This has instantly excited all the fans, and they are pretty eager to know what the Disturbia hitmaker has in-store for them. The comment section of that particular post was bombarded with fans expressing their excitement.

Most of them have already figured out that the singer is gearing up to release her first-ever perfume. One fan commented: “There is a rumor in the industry that Rih Rih smells pretty good, and buying it the minute it’s released.” On the other hand, the singer’s stylist, Priscilla Ono, also shared just the words “it’s already time,” which instantly made all the fans a lot more excited.

What Does Rihanna Have To Say?

Rihanna used her Fenty Skin IG account to express her thoughts on the upcoming fragrance from her side. She posted a crisp and stunning white-black of herself where she quoted: “That’s exactly the thing I adore the most. It is a memory and experience, which has been encapsulated into a perfume”. She also ended her quote by saying that it’s one smell that people will never forget.

The beauty mogul is not just known in the industry for her music but also her creativity. Her unique makeup collection was a massive hit as it’s loved and used by millions of individuals across the globe. Trendmood’s IG account also hinted at Rihanna’s perfume as a floral one and will soon be in the market for purchase.

All the Fenty users from the United States will get the chance to try out the upcoming Fenty Eau de Parfum. The users will receive a product sample after they purchase over $40 and use the code “FENTY.”

Summing Up

Rihanna is a legend within music, but she is also well-known for her massive makeup collection. The singer will soon release the first Fenty perfume, and fans are looking forward to getting their hands on it.

Giana Caliolo will surely not be anywhere near their people. This is pretty true as the songwriter and musician who records under the name Calicoco recently said a few words about their brand-new album. The bloodletting, bold and loud album was released on September 3rd, 2021, and it was made with the help of eight instrumentalists. The unique thing is that some of the instrumentalists also played the role of recording engineers.

Even though Calicoco might not reside within the same city and their reliable collaborators anymore, each of them is pretty much interested in picking up from where they left off. This is pretty much true when it comes to stimulating Caliolo’s ardently penetrating song-writing. During an interview with MTV News, Caliolo said that they can always do it again and create melody music, and it’s pretty easy to do so.

Giana also said that the community she is currently a part of has been nothing but supportive and strong. During the Zoom Call with MTV News, all the engineers, supporters, producers, and former bandmates from Caliolo’s home base of Rochester, New York received shouted out by name. It’s all because Giana failed to identify one individual, and MTV News received an email shortly regarding it.

This is an era where all the pop songs have some of the most credited writers and the presence of technology-enabled extraordinary alliances to take place. But when it comes to Caliolo’s music, it’s more about the joy to be around a trusted crew, which makes the entire thing a lot more unique. The music has been well received from the time it hit music streaming providers. Caliolo’s new album Underneath contains nine furiously vague tracks recorded at the recording studio in the University of Rochester.

The album showcases the artist’s development from plain interior song-writing to a much toothier territory as they inspect their own intellectual torment. It begins with the track, “ I Hate Living With Me right before it makes its way towards the hazy songs known as Heal Me, Haunting, and Melancholy. Caliolo said that they are pretty good at reaching out even though she is struggling. Caliolo also noted that at one point, there was no sign of struggle, and at that point, she was able to write good music.

Last Words

Calicoco or Giana Caliolo has worked hard to create the brand-new album Underneath. It contains the dedication, contribution, and hard work of her fellow supporters and trusted collaborators who provided Giana the support she needed to create this extraordinary album. Make sure to check out Calicoco’s, as it’s available on all social media platforms.

It’s impossible to track down the ever-elusive “bop.” Playlists and recommendations from music streaming providers can only go so far.

Enter Bop Shop, a hand-picked playlist promoting MTV News’ favorite tunes. This weekly selection isn’t genre-specific and can include anything. It is a curation of what the editorial likes at the moment.

Halsey: “You Asked for This”

While “Bells in Santa Fe” may be the best song on their outstanding new album, but it’s the surging “You Asked for This” that I keep coming back to since it seems to strike every pleasure center in my brain. Behold this unique r&b music style for what it is.

Tokischa, Rosalía: “Linda”

Tokischa, a Dominican rapper, and Rosalia, a Spanish pop diva, collaborate on this cheeky cross-continental collaboration. They’re just two girls who only want to party and have fun—all with an explosive dembow rhythm and pointed flamenco claps that ask you to join them in spirit.

Macy Rodman: “Joshua”

Don’t be fooled by the chorus of this song from her third album, Unbelievable Animals. Macy Rodman’s obsession is one-sided, giving an otherwise upbeat dance track a dizzying air of desperation through visceral snarls and swirling synths.

Chloe Lilac: “10 Things”

The pop singer amps up the angst on her new track with a gritty friend-breakup bop with a nod to the famous ’90s film. The song is a punk twist on her earlier pop hits, yet it maintains her depth of vulnerability. With a pulsating guitar riff and a generous supply of sharp zingers, it ends far too quickly.

Pinegrove: “Orange”

The new song “Orange” is described by Pinegrove as “a waltz about the climate issue,” as she grieves the orange skies after a forest fire. It reflects political inaction that expresses the frustration and despair many of us feel about our elected officials’ climate policies.

Selena Gomez, Camilo: “999”

The song is her most recent Spanish-language collaboration with Camilo. Their vocals blend well together, whether on the hook or in the alternating verses when they complement one another. Selena continues to show that she can only improve as an artist.

ABBA: “Don’t Shut Me Down”

The Swedish quintet hasn’t published new music in nearly 40 years, but that changed this week when they revealed that their new album, Voyage, will be released in November. “Don’t Shut Me Down” is a disco ABBA classic.

Lady Gaga: “Free Woman (Rina Sawayama & Clarence Clarity Remix)”

Rina Sawayama of “XS” and electro-pop singer-songwriter Clarence Clarity give the “Chromatica” track an edgier, glitch pop-inspired makeover, infusing grit and urgency into an otherwise straightforward self-empowerment anthem. Lady Gaga must be ecstatic.

Known as one of the best Indian rappers of all time, Badshah signed an exclusive deal with UMG or Universal Music Group. Since it’s a multi-year agreement, the rapper will partner with UMG across all the components of his career. This includes all his upcoming recordings, partnerships, music composing for non-film compositions and brand licensing. The rapper is well-known within the industry for his hits like “Mercy”, “Paani Paani”, “Heartless”, “Genda Phool”, and “DJ Waley Babu“. The 35-year-old said that he is super excited to begin a brand-new chapter in this life.

Few Words From Badshah

With the UMG deal beside him, the rapper said during an interview that it’s time for Indian music to gain access within the global soundscape. He also said that they are currently standing within the revolutionary junction for the whole music scene.

The rapper also added by saying the Indian culture contains music within its blood, right from its instruments to its melodies. Badshah declared that he wants to create music for everyone. He is pretty happy with his partnership with UMI [Universal Music India] as it will give him the chance to bring the vibrance of India to the world with his music.

Badshah says that he is the kind of individual who is purely driven by game plan and the power of a dream. He believes that the team at Universal Music will surely help in bringing all of them to life.

Response From Universal Music Group

The Universal Music Group have released their part of the story by saying that the rapper will be collaborating with some of the best artists across the globe. The first songs from this deal will get released in the later part of this year. Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Group, Lucian Grainge, said that UMG is highly committed to support the artist culture across the world. Lucian also noted that the company has always embraced musical pioneers across the globe.

Grainge declared that he is pleased to partner up with Badshah, one of the most respected and popular artists. For the next phase of the rapper’s career, UMG will take full responsibility to introduce Badshah’s music across the entire globe. Even the CEO & MD of Universal Music India & South Asia, Devraj Sanyal, praised Badshah to be one of India’s greatest pop stars and ended his comment by saying the rapper will surely represent the country well in terms of music.

Ending Note

After signing an exclusive deal, Badshah is all set to introduce Indian music to the whole world. He is excited and looking to work with UMG in his future projects on music.

After Gregory Goodloe released his single-track Cool Like That, the guitarist tried to stay as calm as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of the concerns and uncertainty of his mother’s health. As people shift towards the other side of the pandemic, Goodloe ventured out earlier this year with his single Step’N Out.

He wrote the track with Adam Hawley, who is a Billboard chart-topping guitarist. When Goodloe and Hawley combined their energy, many of their fans have expressed that it felt perfect. For such a reason, both of them teamed up once more to write Goodloe’s brand-new single Somewhere Out There. The track will be released on 27th August on Hip Jazz Records.

The Making Of Somewhere Out There

Since the whole world is currently recovering from the COVID-19, the Denver-based guitarist is presently focusing on moving forward. Goodloe, along with Hawley, wrote the track Somewhere Out There, and Adam took the responsibility to compose it.

Gregory believes that this particular song will surely inspire and encourage many people. There is also a mid-tempo groove, which is anchored by bassist Melvin Brown and drummer Eric Valentine. Gregory’s cool-tone electric jazz calisthenics and lyrical fretwork evoked his iconic influencers, Wes Montgomery and George Benson.

On the other hand, Goodloe expressed that his new song came in the form of a reflection of hope within an ever-changing world. Both Goodloe and Hawley wrote the song with inspiration in their hearts and are pretty determined to experience everything with a positive mind hoping for a new tomorrow.

Goodloe also said that they purposely made the track a feel-good and upbeat tune. The song is also pretty bright, and people will feel good due to the toe-tapping steady arrangement and groove.

Few Words On Gregory Goodloe

Goodloe is a self-taught musician and also a US Army veteran. He has performed with many gospel, jazz, and R&B headliners like Shirley Caesar, James Ingram, Ben Tankard, Michael McDonald, Norman Brown, and many more. He has also played his role as a music director for soul-jazz singer Aysha and R&B-pop group Surface. Two years ago, Gregory also scored his first-ever Billboard No.1 single Stylin along with Darren Rahn, who is a GRAMMY-nominated saxophonist, producer, and songwriter.

Final Words

Gregory Goodloe has worked for his upcoming single track, and the help he received from Adam Hawley has given him the chance to create a beautiful piece like Somewhere Out There. All his fans are impatiently waiting for the song to release, and Goodloe says that people will surely love it.

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