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Hiraku Utada’s New Album Contemplates Self-Reflection

The legendary J-Pop superstar provides music updates about their first-ever bilingual album and feeling...

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Songs from Stromae & Orville Peck | Bop Shop

Exploring the Bop Shop: Checking Out Songs from Stromae, Orville Peck and Many More...

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Kendrick Lamar TDE Album

The Super Bowl was a Gen X throwback

Long called the forgotten generation, Gen Xers had a moment last night, and other...

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Olly Alexander

Hookups With Years & Years Inspired Olly Alexander to Create Night Call

Olly Alexander Solo Venture It’s not easy to recuperate from a breakup, even when...

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Bop Shop Records Picks Songs of Halsey, Fleet Foxes, Armaan Malik and More

Songs of all genres from pared-down introspection, all-out romance, to electroclash nostalgia, Bop Shop...

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Anais Mitchell and Her “Watershed” Moments

“WATERSHED” is the closing track of Anais Mitchells, an indie-folk songwriter. This is her...

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performance late show

BTS Performs Butter on The Late Late Show

BTS Performs Butter on The Late Late Show, Thereby Turning a TV Studio Into...

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New R&R Artists

nija charles time to shine

After Writing No.1 Hits For Many Pop Artists, It’s Nija’s Turn To Shine  ...

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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2022: Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, the Queen Mary J Blige, and young pioneer Kendrick Lamar.

Super Bowl Halftime Show Lineup   Dr Dre Snoop Dogg Eminem the Queen Mary J...

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Joe Rogan Spotify Controversy

Making moves in recent years to become the top podcast destination, Spotify has several...

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Melody Music’s main focus is giving artist an alternative to both major labels and as well as relieving them from struggling on their own. We are the happy median which produces great music, without the hassle of big company bureaucracy, but still more than enough resources to get the job done.

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