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Melody Music’s main focus is giving artist an alternative to both major labels and as well as relieving them from struggling on their own. We are the happy median which produces great music, without the hassle of big company bureaucracy, but still more than enough resources to get the job done.

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New Album “Petite Fleur” To Be Launched By Adonis Rose And New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

“Petite Fleur” will be the second recording of New Orleans with Adonis Rose directing...

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Sean Mendez

Shawn Mendes Celebrates’ Summer of Love’ Shirtless

Shawn Mendes releases his new single with complete nostalgia, ‘Summer of Love’ on August...

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Lorde the Singer

Lorde Sports a Blonde Look in Her New Music Video

Lorde has released new music after a long time, and another single from her...

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