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Production, Distribution, and Promotion

Melody Music is an independent music record label. We specialize in the production, distribution, and promotion of tracks, instrumentals, beats, and videos of music artists within the Hip hop, R&B, Trap, and Rap genres and subgenre of music. We are one of the best music streaming providers for melody music and music for beginners.

For beginners and even intermediate-level artists, we go through the entire track production process from start to finish to ensure that the music produced is nothing short of excellent.

r&b music promotion

During songwriting, artists are encouraged and equipped to churn out beautiful melody music where lyrics fit the instrumental harmony and repetitive sounds help to familiarize the connection of different chord progressions to the ears of listeners. We also help artists push for songs that give listeners a good sense of rhythm such that the body can groove to.

Having achieved this, we then move on to the arrangement phase where the different parts of the song are arranged to spark interest in listeners and solicit a buildup of the message and groove.

Hip hop music, rap music, R&B music and Trap Music

Next is the tracking stage where our role is most felt as we set out to make a recording of the arranged song after which we edit, mix, and master. It is a lot of work but we are willing to go through the pain for the gain of great hip hop music, rap music, R&B music and trap music.

melody music

You can bet that it doesn’t all end here. We then move on to the distribution and promotion of these tracks as well as the artists with a set time frame of when the tracks are expected to rave the airwaves.

Therefore, for hip hop artists looking to get signed with Independent music labels, we are all you need and more.

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